“Everyday Astronaut” Tim Dodd Is Going to the Moon

Tim Dodd, the “Everyday Astronaut”, has been selected as one of the eight crew members for a circumlunar spaceflight on the dearMoon project organised by Japan’s Yusaku Maezawa, who previously spent 12 days on the International Space Station in December 2021 in a Soyuz mission arranged by Space Adventures.

Here is Maezawa’s announcement of the dearMoon crew.

Audio is in Japanese with English subtitles. If the subtitles do not display, use the subtitle and/or “gear” buttons at the bottom to turn them on.

The dearMoon flight, which is planned to fly around the Moon and return to Earth without entering lunar orbit (as did Apollo 13, although that wasn’t the original plan), will take six days. The mission is “planned for 2023” which, given that it intends to use the SpaceX Starship, seems optimistic.