“Everyday Astronaut” Tim Dodd on Rockets, Space, Explaining Technology, and Flying to the Moon

In the deepest of deep dives, “Everyday Astronaut” Tim Dodd sits down for a five hour conversation with Lex Fridman about space, rocket technology, propulsion, communicating science and technology to the public, and his personal journey from wedding photographer to crew member on the dearMoon circumlunar mission.

The UFO evidence shows us that rocket propulsion is not the way to get to the Stars and Beyond in my opinion. Here is why

Retired NASA engineer Larry Lemke who works with Gary Nolan, Jacques Vallée and also Creon Levit and myself wrote about the alleged cylinder that US F22 pilot just shot down over Alaska:

"Interesting that it was first spotted yesterday but was shot down today. It was hanging around the area. If it was flying by simple Newtonian mechanics, it would not have been capable of staying aloft all that time, especially because it seems to have no wings. Also, the F-22 pilot is reported have flown alongside it, so it must have been moving at jet-like speeds. So, it either landed and took off somewhere nearby and/or is capable of staying aloft much longer than it should.

Definitely suspicious."

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Politico: The F-22 pilots intercepting the object shot down over Alaska reported that it had a cylindrical shape and no observable surveillance equipment, says an US official Pentagon: object shot down over Alaska “wasn’t an aircraft per se”


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Chronicling info. on UFOs, UAP, consciousness, psi, life after death, Bengston Healing, precognition, remote viewing. Don’t ignore data.

"1/2 Eric Davis, George Bush Sr., Corso, and Holloman. I knew about some of this and glad it’s starting to come out. #ufotwitter - FS V5 Las Vegas, Friday 26 March 2004. “The Fiesta Rancho Casino Hotel on Rancho Drive. Hal and I had taken early flights in order to meet at the airport before others arrived. Without preamble, he told me Eric’s story. Eric was the person who interviewed Wilson in the EG&G parking lot. He’d contacted the admiral about his project to restart a chapter of AFIO (Association of Former Intelligence Officers) in Las Vegas, and the topic drifted to ufology. “Eric is now in touch with the vice-chairman of the association, who is none other than former president George Bush, Sr. They’ve spoken twice on the phone. The first phone call was initiated by Bush who gave Eric some advice about AFIO and his future career. Eric told him about his interest in the Corso revelations: ‘Could it be that Corso was mistaken in dealing with the material he was handling? Could that have been Nazi hardware?’ Eric asked. “’Impossible,’ replied Bush. ‘The two topics were clearly separated. By that time (1947) all German secrets had been processed and filed away; they were not used as cover for anything else.”’ “Bush remembered General Trudeau. He showed interest in pursuing the discussion, asking Eric for his recent physics papers. He knew of the remote viewing project, but didn’t recall Hal’s name. “The second conversation was more interesting because it got into the Holloman film, which remains a fixation for Hal, Eric, and me. The former President was aware of it. Was it a training film, a special ops exercise? No, he replied, ‘it was “the real thing.”’ There was a secret project, and the security was ‘obscene.’ “Eric developed other sources, notably a former DIA senior officer who confirmed that DIA had a UFO collection project at one time. He promised to provide more information but died before they could meetagain. His secretary found an envelope inside his desk, sealed and addressed to Eric. it contained the man’s notes about the project, and the real source of the fake MJ-12 papers, with which the field of ufology remains fascinated. “The story I was told is this: In 1961, the UFO project inside the government was taken over by DIA. By the early 1980s Rear Admiral EA. Burkhalter, Jr., who was chief of staff and acting assistant vice-director in the Directorate for Collection Management, and his deputy Col. Roy K. Jonkers, USAF, were in charge of the project. They are shown in these positions on an org chart dated March 1981. The same document shows Dr. Jack Vorona as assistant vice-director for scientific and technical intelligence. “Burkhalter, calling himself ‘Mister X,’ and a man named Polko, introduced as ‘Falcon,’ decided to spread disinformation about UFOs. Apparently Dale Graff, who monitored Hal’s project on behalf of DIA, wasn’t in the know. The remake of the Sandler-Emeneger documentary in which I participated was the convenient platform, with the Norton episode, but when Pentagon P.R man Colonel Coleman told us to ‘go out on a limb’ to draw out sensational revelations, I fortunately convinced Hynek we shouldn’t take the bait. “After I had derailed this first attempt to turn us into ‘useful idios,’ Rear Admiral Burkhaklter and Polko contacted Bill Moore and Linda Howe, and reportedly spread their ‘revelations’ through a frequently used disinformation channel. “By then the MJ-12 documents had been re-purposed as ‘genuine’ false documents, based on data that came from the oid Eagleton’s disinformation files at CIA, and ufologists the world over swallowed the bait. So everything now ties together. I still fail to see the ultimate point of such shenanigans, however.”

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Atomic Interferometer Gedanken-Experiment to Detect the S-Field Correction to Einstein’s Gravity Field Equation
](Discussion: Atomic Interferometer Gedanken-Experiment to Detect the S-Field Correction to Einstein's Gravity Field Equation - Academia.edu)

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A Very Happy New Year!

We are extremely pleased to invite you to be a part of the Invited Speaker for the "3rd International Forum on Aerospace and Aeronautics" (AeroForum2023), which will be held in San Diego, USA from December 11-13, 2023.
We know that you are a terrific speaker and our attendees and delegates will gain much from your talk. We believe that your experience and comments will add an important dimension to what is potentially a very important discussion for the field.

The objective of AeroForum2023 is to provide a unique forum for discussion of the latest developments, refresh your knowledge, and will offer plenty of networking opportunities, providing you a chance to meet and interact with leading researchers as well as the most influential minds in the field.

Please visit our official portal for more details: https://www.continuumforums.com/2023/aeroforum

Your participation as an invited speaker is important for the success of this meeting and will be very much appreciated. Kindly let me know your acceptance and provide the short biography, and recent photograph, along with the tentative title of your presentation at the earliest.

Thank you for taking the time to read our invitation, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.
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Low Energy Warp/Wormhole Time Travel
Metric Engineering Physics
Jack Sarfatti

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Advanced Propulsion Agency, Italy

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CIA and DOD agents recruited me and other physicists in the 1970s to work on two problems: conscious AI machines and “flying saucer” anti-gravity propulsion. Some of this history is reported in books, articles and videos by MIT Physics Professor, David Kaiser (e.g., “How the Hippies Saved Physics”, see New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Scientific American, NATURE, e.g., https://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/19/books/review/book-review-how-the-hippies-saved-physics-by-david-kaiser.html

This presentation , in the light of CIA (J. Semivan, J. Ramirez) DOD (R. Doty, L. Elizondo, C. Mellon, H. Puthoff) UFO Disclosures with Senate Intelligence Committee Investigation et-al will be an update on the battle-tested physics of Einstein’s general relativity and meta-material condensed matter physics that essentially solves both problems that the US Intelligence Community asked us to work on 50 years ago.


Jack Sarfatti,

Jack Sarfatti - Wikipedia

Jack Sarfatti on everything you need to know about unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) in ten minutes on Vimeo


Jack Sarfatti - UAPs, Consciousness & Post-Quantum Mechanics - YouTube

SUNDAY INTERVIEW -- The Universe, As Seen From North Beach / With infectious enthusiasm for his subject, Jack Sarfatti explains how physics has replaced philosophy as an over-arching discipline that spans the once discontinuous worlds of science and the h

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Colonel John B. Alexander seriously underestimates the intellectual superiority of his opponents. :wink:

PS Same is true for Christopher Mellon and Eric Davis, though we agree on basics

  1. Flying saucers are real
  1. They are a military threat

Disagreement on my K-control explanation of
In Einstein’s
Guv = KTuv

i.e. the UAP observations prove operational technology attacking US Navy and nuke weapons with |K|/8piG(e0u0)^2 >> 1

K (redshift) —> -K(blueshift) at each meta-atom in meta-surface fuselage

That said is the fundamental understanding of the meaning of the phenomenon, it does not mean that I personally know how to translate that UNDERSTANDING into OPERATIONAL TECHNOLOGY at this moment in time.

At 4:28:50 in the interview, Tim Dodd says that interstellar propulsion will almost certainly involve new physics, “Someday I would expect that our species has figured out a way get beyond [ejecting mass for propulsion].”

On the other hand, if travel time is not a constraint (as would be the case for machine intelligences which can set their “clock speed” to anything the wish and hibernate for arbitrarily long times), nuclear pulse propulsion, which we could build any time we wished to, is sufficient for grabby aliens to settle the galaxy at a velocity of 0.1 c.