False advertising suit against Burger King

Interesting false advertising suit against Burger King:

Asserts overstating of size.

Notably, the proportions (ratio of patty diameter to bun diameter, among other things) differ between ads and actual product. Allegedly that gives a false impression of size. Or perhaps something about the camera lens focal length…

Also, the ads have photos of much leafier lettuce, redder tomatoes, browner (less gray) beef, and more toasted buns than do the actual products.

Perhaps will result in a settlement where all ads must use a hand model who can palm a basketball.

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There is war in the Ukraine that threatens to spiral out of control. The US has offshored much of its productive industry. The Dollar is on the path to losing its value in international trade. Prices of essentials are rising. Lawlessness is destroying major American cities. But let’s deal with the important issue – the size of a hamburger!

Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make silly. :cold_sweat: