Fed Court of Appeals Rules mRNA are NOT Vaccines Under Traditional Definitions...


The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that mRNA COVID-19 injections do not qualify as vaccines under traditional medical definitions. The court’s opinion, penned by Circuit Judge R. Nelson, asserts that the mRNA shots do not effectively prevent the transmission of COVID-19 but merely reduce symptoms in those who contract the virus.[1][2][3] This distinction undermines the foundational premise of vaccine mandates enforced by various institutions, as the court pointed out that traditional vaccines are designed to provide immunity and prevent transmission, which is not conclusively proven for mRNA COVID-19 shots.[1]

The ruling stems from a case involving the Health Freedom Defense Fund and other plaintiffs versus the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), where the plaintiffs argued that the district’s vaccine mandate infringed upon their fundamental right to refuse medical treatment.[1][2] The court’s decision could reshape public health policy across the nation, as it contradicts the Supreme Court’s ruling in Jacobson v. Massachusetts, which upheld vaccine mandates due to their proven effectiveness in preventing disease spread.[1][3]

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Further vindication and support for common sense. TLTL, tho.


As it’s a motion to dismiss, they have only ruled that plaintiffs have appropriately plead that mRNA is not a traditional vaccine of the form at issue in the Jacobson case and therefore the present case can’t be summarily dismissed with a kneejerk citation of Jacobson.


I know one person who is constantly comparing covid shots to smallpox vaccine :syringe:. Vaccines eradicated smallpox ergo vaccination can eradicate covid.

I vehemently disagree


As you should.

Remember the ‘If vaccines are so good, why don’t we have one for the common cold?’ taunt? Answer was and is simple and does apply to COVID: The cold virus mutates too fast. Colds are corona viruses, same as COVID. Too bad people have lost the ability to think critically, outside the propaganda.


The loss of that ability is owed - in large part - to their intentional dumbing down by the state “educational” establishment. I know Roxie will appreciate more than most, the likelihood that children educated to resemble sheep, cognitively, will be less likely to organize themselves counter to the erudite state policies which are aimed to coerce their “betterment”. Unfortunately, their betterment like ours, includes shearing and eventual one way trips to the abbatoir.