Finally! A Compact Disc Demagnetiser

Demonstrating that one thing in the universe which is infinite and inexhaustible is the gullibility of audiophiles, these devices are very much with us today, as an eBay search for “compact disc demagnetizer” will quickly reveal.

Here is one available new from Japan for a mere US$ 445.97.

It has two five star reviews, including one that misspells the word “does” in the title.

Are you one of those bitter clingers who haven’t abandoned the mellow sound of vinyl for those harsh silver discs? Well, here’s a device to demagnetise your LP records, available in almost new condition for just US$ 1600.

New, it sells for US$ 2715. Here is a review from The Absolute Sound:

If you think this makes me sound bonkers, so be it. I only know what I hear. And what I’ve heard, and am hearing, has more than convinced me that I would be guilty of dereliction of duty if I passed up procuring this cutting-edge device. There are many bogus offerings in the high end that promise improved performance. This is not one of them. The DeMag simply magnetized me with its stellar performance.


I clicked the link thinking it’s 80% likely the date on the so-called review was April 1st. I was mistaken. But my persistence was rewarded with this string of individual words I understand, even if the meaning of the sentences surpasses my meager comprehension:

Hocus-pocus? Not in my view. No, I can’t vouch for the technical aspects of the Furutech DeMag device, which retails for a hefty $2715 and comes with a pair of white gloves. But what I can tell you is that it only took one LP subjected to the DeMag to convert me from skepticism to conviction

My take is this is what others call a “native ad” - where a publication would be paid to make up stories or reviews that sound legit. Alternatively, it’s a perfect illustration of the Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect (link)

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