Finally—Make Your Own Aztec Death Whistle

Here is more on the Aztec Death Whistle. This is a research paper from the *International Journal of Engineering Trends on Technology” on why it’s so disturbing, “A Study on the Similarity between the Strange Whistle and Screams of Human” [PDF].


In 1999, a clay whistle was discovered inside the Quetzalcoatl Temple in Tela Telco, Mexico City. It was the tool that made the whistle of death that made humans most fearful. At the time of its discovery, scholars thought it was just an ornament, but 15 years later it turned out to be an unusual musical instrument by the scholars who accidentally played it. This strange instrument surprised many scholars because it sounded like the scream of a soul. Since then it has been called Aztec Death Whistle. Research shows that early death whistle was created by cutting and burning the enemy’s neck during Aztec civilization, then applying dirt to the skull. Then it became known that it was made in large quantities using clay. Scholars continue to study the creations of this ancient Aztec civilization. There are several hypotheses about the use of this death whistle. There is a theory that it was used as a threat tool during war and that it was used religiously to hunt sacrifices necessary for human sacrifice. In fact, looking at the appearance of the temple, where a large amount of death whistle was excavated, the hypothesis that it would have been used for human sacrifice rituals is strong. In this paper, the similarity between the sound of death whistle and the screams of men and women was analyzed based on acoustic studies. As a result, it was confirmed that this instrument resembles human screams, but among them, it sounds like a scream when feeling fear, causing more fear. Among the screams of men when feeling fear, women’s screams were more similar to those of death whistle. .The low frequency band of the death whistle was similar to the frequency characteristics of the screaming sound when a person felt fear.

Here are 3D models you can print to irritate friends, family, and neighbours.