Flood Tunnels—When Rivers Go Underground

But what do you do when there isn’t enough flow in your river to avoid stagnation? Recirculation channels—when urban infrastructure meets Disneyland.


Kinda-sorta-somewhat tying in with the youtube science spam is the increasing number of embedded ads in youtube videos, to go with the pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll Goggle ads (which have decided I really want cosmetics for black women despite being neither black or a woman. Admittedly both definitions are now “fluid” in some circles) and the ever-popular patreon requests. At least Grady puts his couple minutes of ad on the end instead of requiring mid-video forwarding.

To make it (and this rant) worse the all-knowing Google ad servers are having moments of amnesia and don’t have timeouts, at least here in the bandwidth limited remote regions.

That said (as “they” say), Practical Engineering is high on my watch first list