Flying Ants in Slow Motion

These male (drone) ants are of genus Odontomachus (trap-jaw) and Aphaenogaster and were recorded taking off and flying at 1500 and 3200 frames per second,


Fourmi-dable! The smaller hind wings appear to be used as flaps so as to create more lift on takeoff. Either my imagination or convergent physical necessities of flight between biology and aerodynamic engineering. An interesting aside: as with so many other amateur-produced videos, such i-endeavors seem like a highly adaptive outlet for some who, in the past might have been underrated as ‘geeky’ individuals. Society can now benefit from the efforts of such people, rather than miss out as in the past (I would add this phenomenon to the shrinking list of benefits ascribed to the internet).


So much insight into flight dynamics by studying God’s creatures. Wilbur Wright himself in observing birds stated, “a damp day is unfavorable for soaring unless there is a high wind. No bird soars in calm.”