For Columbus Day

Spain should have to reabsorb the descendants of their colonists who are now throwing themselves into our cities, these soggy spawn of the Spanish Conquistadores whom our border agents have to fish outta the Rio Grande.
And as for the unmistakably African illegals (the ones who didn’t fly to Mexico from Africa so they could stroll in here) who are tumbling off those buses: Spain brought its share of Africans to the new world, but Portugal’s colony Brazil holds the numerical record.

So don’t put em on 1AM planes bound for Wilkes Barre, Pa: put ‘em on flights to Madrid! It’ll be much easier, more “humane”: they already speak the language.
Or Portugal—right now it’s like Ireland was before the “Celtic Tiger”: everybody leaves, they have to if they want work other than in the vineyards. Which leaves quite a lot of job openings in the vineyards.

This Columbus Day, let’s remember that when his discovery was made, Spain and Portugal, the great navigators/ voyagers, had divided the globe between them. Compared to their militaristic and evangelistic colonizing, Jamestown was just a buncha campers.

I want OUT from under the “white man’s burden”. And I think I know whose turn it is to shoulder it for a change.
So Gracias, Spain ! Obrigado, Portugal! YOU bozos deserve a turn holding up the sky of opprobrium.


Rand Simberg has republished James C. Bennett’s (the person most responsible for the concept of the Anglosphere) essay from 13 years ago, “Celebrating The Wrong Italian”, in which he contrasts the way Columbus is remembered and commemorated in Latin America vs. the United States.

He suggests that people in English-speaking U.S. and Canada should commemorate another Italian, Giovanni Caboto.

Moving to England, he adopted the English style of his name and became known to history as the discoverer … John Cabot.

Not only did Cabot’s discoveries spark the great stream of human migration that became the English-speaking New World, he was himself a precursor of the millions of Italians who crossed the Atlantic to North America and became part of the English-speaking world, to its and their own enrichment.

Read the whole thing.


Largely wrong. The mostly white conquistador and later colonists form a Latin American ruling class that sends its mostly Amerind and African descended underclass here to relieve pressure and send back remittances. Compare the Dominican population in the US with:

The conquistador descendants can come legally (student or work visas) or semi-legally (visa overstays), often cynically claiming affirmative action preferences as “Latinos” and continuing their overclass role.


Caboto Day has a ring to it!


Well, stout Cortez with his eagle eye whelped at least one child on an Indian woman. So did Pissarro. I can’t be arsed to research ‘em all this minute, but: so don’t tell me the blood of the conquistadores doesn’t run in these border-crashes’ veins.
Anyway it was Spain and Portugal who conquered and enslaved those natives and stole their land, as the Left would put it, and imported a buncha Africans to Central and South America , so let’s see ‘em clean up their mess, say I.


If anyone wants to brush-up their Spanish, here is a collection of short, but coherent essays how conquest and later relationships with Europe and the US look from Mexican perspective:

The content is very suitable for audio book format.