Four Robert Kroese Novels Free on Kindle

For the next few days, four of Robert Kroese’s novels are free in Kindle Editions:

I have read the first two of these and reviewed one. I’ve linked my review of Shrödinger’s Gat above. Although I didn’t get around to reviewing Out of the Soylent Planet, I enjoyed it immensely and did review another in the Rex Nihilo series, Starship Grifters, and much of what I said of that novel applies to this one as well.

When I say these are free, that’s not just for Kindle Unlimited subscribers: they’re absolutely free to buy outright for everybody. If you’ve previously read them under Kindle Unlimited and returned them (you can only have ten at a time), here’s your chance to add permanent copies to your library.


Nice find, just in time to stock up for our 2000 mile drive back to the north country, and by that I mean my wife’s drive. My cardiologist gets excited when I mention driving, so I drive mainly at night when the Mrs gets tired and we’re trying to outrun the cold front. Thanks!

I read a lot of free Amazon books (top 100 free with decent reviews), many are self published and while needing better editing (Kindles have a report content error that maybe somebody actually sees) are mostly very readable. They’re a good screen for books that are worth paying for, a lot of my book purchases (I read at least one book most weeks) result from freebies. FWIW 3 of these were rated “A”, and one “B” on fakespot


Robert Kroese has just listed three more of his novels as free for the Kindle editions (not Kindle Unlimited, but absolutely free to download with permanent access by anybody).

These are all parts of the named series, which you may want to follow in other volumes which aren’t free (which is the whole idea of the promotion, of course).