From 1952—“How Television Works” from the BBC

The television receiver shown in the film is a Bush Radio Ltd. TV22, a tabletop receiver with a 9 inch (diagonal) picture tube introduced in 1950 at the price of £35/7 (around £1438 today, or US$1768).

The film describes the original 405 line British analogue television system, introduced in 1936 (then suspended between September 1939 and June 1946 due to World War II). In 1964, the BBC introduced a 625 line system broadcast over UHF frequencies, which was upgraded to colour using the PAL system in 1967. Broadcasts in the 405 line monochrome system continued until 1985-01-03. Here is the last BBC transmission in the 405 line system, recorded off the air from a Baird T-18 receiver made in 1938.