From the Fourmilab Vault—1990: “ClassWar”, Object Oriented Extensible Database for AutoCAD

Developed in 1990 as a demonstration of the AutoCAD Development System (ADS) then being readied for shipment with the upcoming AutoCAD Release 11, ClassWar used ADS and the ATLAST embedded language toolkit to implement a true object oriented extensible database for AutoCAD, in which graphical objects could define their behaviour through embedded code. This is an archive of the code and documentation as it existed in May, 1990. It is not usable with any current version of AutoCAD and is of historical interest only.


In the early 1990s, I demonstrated the power of ADS to my community college students by running a solar system application, in which the planets orbited the sun in an AutoCAD model. AutoCAD Release 12, MS-DOS.

On a related note (a seperate AutoCAD file from earlier release) , I got a kick out of teaching the zoom command with the solar.dwg file. I would ask my students to see what they could find on the moon !

A fun time of discovery for me and my students. Thank you for creating these highly useful tools!