Generation Z is unprecedentedly rich

Is this another dumb article from the Economist?


What is their CORR? From Property Money:

…the cost of replacement reproduction (CORR). Nowadays, CORR is dominated by the amount of money a woman can make by exchanging her most fertile years for gainful employment with the help of birth control and abortion. The more valuable her characteristics to the economy, the higher the CORR associated with her socioeconomic cohort. To sustain intergenerational value, CORR must account for the fact that the economy has a structural bias toward removing from the next generation the characteristics it values in this generation.

Any lesser definition of “cost of living” is a de facto act of genocide by the government against its own people

What is their median wealth?

The Deep State (and those who own it) has been very careful to focus on maintaining the median income of the counties surrounding Washington DC as the highest in the country if not the world, so their civil service drones will look with contempt on the rest of the country since, obviously, there is no middle class crisis as far as their zombies are concerned.


Fairfax county
Montgomery county
Loudon County

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