Genesis of the New Socialism by Guido Hulsmann

I have met Guido (pronounced “geedo”) on numerous occasions. I have both heard him speak and have held ongoing personal conversations with him. In his persuasive style, he reminds me of Victor Davis Hanson, in that there is no ego involved; no hyperbole or overstatement. Just facts from which analysis flows naturally to all-but inescapable conclusions.

Such an analysis can be found here: The New Socialism is a Public-Private Partnership. Therein, Prof. Hulsmann details what has happened throughout most of the West - especially the formerly-united States - over the past 20 years or so - to give us the “new” socialism which rules us. I think we, here, are all generally aware of this phenomenon, but in this essay, Guido lays bare the mechanism and the new unholy alliance between the state’s agencies and what are usually called NGO’s, but are referred to in the essay as “ownerless” private foundations.

My purpose in posting this is for the values of the essay, itself, and to introduce Scanalyst participants to Professor Jörg Guido Hulsmann, economist, academic and all-around good fellow. The link contains further links to his website and his very impressive CV. Though he is not widely known, likely due to his low-key nature, I believe he is worthy of your awareness. He has many more writings at