A biased arbiter can effectively hide gerrymandering, and efforts to gain control of states’ districting processes by nefarious entities have been proceeding across the US.

This is a promising idea for splitting the cake, akin to “I cut, you choose.”


There are congressional districts in California that contain 2 counties such as Los Angeles and Orange County or San Diego and Orange County.

How can a representative serve 2 different counties? Different sheriff, different district attorney but same congressional representative.

I don’t understand the question.

The internal structure of state and local governments is chosen by the state and has no bearing on the number of national representatives the state has. Wyoming has created 23 counties and gets one representative in the House. Should they combine all counties to match their congressional district?


There is a case that the real “gerrymandering” is universal suffrage.

Perhaps for genuine laws about behavior in a civilized state (“Thou shall not steal”), all adult citizens could be allowed to vote.

However, when a law is really about Big Government taking from Peter to pay Paul, it is clear that Paul should not have a vote – only Peter should have a say.

Arguably, universal suffrage is what makes it impossible to correct the current debacle. If we had limited suffrage – and if we separated genuine law-making from political decisions on money-spending – then constituency boundaries would cease to be a big issue.


Band-aids can not fix this broken system. Any such fix is simply the next escalation in an arms race of corruption, much as prior fixes resulted in effective work-arounds. As I’m fond of saying, liberal democracy contains the seeds of its own destruction, which we are witnessing in (for the moment) slow motion.


This is, much like 10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the sea, a good start.


Vote Harder™


Hey, that’s my trademark.


Credit where credit is due…it’s also a good epitaph for the so-called “conservative” so-called “movement”. LOL!


California has 52 house representatives and 58 counties.

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The bigger problem is apportionment and census.

Only citizens and legal residents should count.

How many extra representatives and presidential electors do California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, etc get due to undocumented or illegal immigration?

This is not a 3/5 compromise