Give Democracy A Chance

As Our Betters stumble & bumble their way into all-out thermonuclear war with Russia (& China too, probably), isn’t it time we put our trust where our mouths are and relied on democracy?

One of the most interesting demonstrations of democracy was the decision of Athens during the Peloponnesian War to invade far-off Sicily. The male citizens voted in favor (women & slaves did not have suffrage), and then the same men who had voted for war went down to the ships and started rowing towards Sicily – and their doom. The attack was a bad idea, but it had the people’s support.

Today, why not have a plebiscite about putting pretence aside and turning Our Betters’ undeclared proxy war against Russia into a legal democratically-declared war? Included in the plebiscite would be activation of the draft for all military-aged persons – male, female, transgendered, undocumented immigrants – with no student deferment. Since wars are expensive and everyone should share the pain, the plebiscite would also mandate a 20% surtax on all gross income, including Social Security.

Imagine the effect on Russia if they learn that the US population has overwhelmingly voted for war! That demonstrated level of citizen support for action might be the lever to bring Russia to the negotiating table. And if the US population votes against war, then any of the DC Swamp Creatures who continue the proxy war against the will of the people would be guilty of treason and could be dealt with accordingly … and swiftly.

Democracy! Isn’t that what we are supposedly fighting for?


Except that would never happen.

If the swamp wouldn’t allow the House to properly review and potentially investigate wrongful elections, ?what in the world would make them allow a plebiscite for or against the Ukraine War.