Goldenrod—Breaking the Land Speed Record the Old-Fashioned Way

After rule changes in 1964 permitted thrust-driven vehicles to compete for the land speed record, no wheel-driven vehicle has held the absolute record. The Summers Brothers’ Goldenrod, powered by four fuel-injected Chrysler 426 hemi V8 engines claimed the wheel-driven record at 658.526 km/hour (409.277 miles/hour) on 1965-11-12, a record that stood until 1991-08-21.


This is a mile long run in both directions, IIRC. Wonder what electric motors would do with replaceable batteries of the lightest formulation (to keep weight down) with sufficient energy to power a run in one direction.


The Buckeye Bullet series of cars have set a number of records for electric propulsion, using both hydrogen fuel cell and battery energy storage. The Buckeye Bullet 3 set a record of 549.23 km/h (341.4 mph) on 2016-09-19 using lithium-ion batteries as the power source. I do not believe this was a two-way officially sanctioned record.