Grandfather Christmas

St. Nicholas was a saint that would bring gifts to children in the beginning of December.

Now, an illustrator at Harper’s, Thomas Nast, came up with Father Christmas to align the gift-giving with Union politics:

Similarly, the Communists in Russia didn’t like religion, but people kept celebrating this holiday. So, the Communists then used the demon of frost (Ded Moroz) instead, and setting it on New Year’s:

So, remember the art of mythmaking as you try to change the future.


The monsterous Golem of Holocaustianity obliterates borders wherever it goes.

Out of the more than 200 Holocaust movies, how many incorporated support of Israel’s “politics of exclusion” as a “Never Again” refuge from the historic cycle of persecution?

Was the exclusion of a boatload of Jewish refugees during WW II by the US sufficient justification to destroy the entirety of Western Civilization?


Be careful in creating myths that guide the future, indeed!


I don’t know why I keep laying bare my….idk, slowness.
But I didn’t understand the OP. Lord Frost, I really don’t believe is the same as Father Christmas or St. Nicholas. Read “The Bear and the Nightingale”.
And @jabowery ’s question about the exclusion of a boatload of a Jewish refugees being “sufficient justification” for destruction of the entirety of Western Civilization…wh’aa? Surely Roosevelt’s refusal to admit those Jews wasn’t ….oh wait, are you saying that the German culture at the time of WW II was the flower of Western Civilization, and it was destroyed because the US (shamefully) refused the Jews entry?
But: it was Jewish culture and heritage that was up for destruction then.
I know you can state your point clearly if you want to. So please indulge me, catamite to the polymaths.

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We are discussing “the art of mythmaking”. Why do you think “the art of mythmaking” important?

Could it be that our myths carry great weight in shaping a culture’s morality?

Does Hollywood have anything to do with “the art of mythmaking”?

Does Hollywood have anything to do with shaping Western morality?

What moral message are we receiving regarding refugees and borders from over 200 Holocaust movies?

How might these morals have contributed to the situation in Israel? In the US?

Are you following me so far?

Hello? Anyone home?

Ya know… the phrase “Holocaust Denial” needs to be updated for greater relevance to the destruction of Western Civilization AND ITS PEOPLES by Holocaustianity. Denial of the role Holocaustianity has played and IS PLAYING in that destruction is “White Genocide Denial”. And, no, you don’t get to hide behind the slimy phrase “conspiracy theory”. If it isn’t deliberate then there can be no negotiated peace since there is “no one home” with whom to negotiate.

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