Hail Mary: A Novel by Andy Weir

I downloaded the Kindle Version of this book about 24 hours ago. I was completely engaged every moment while reading. Most anything I might say to describe my reactions to it would likely be a spoiler, other than the fact that the protagonist shares many personality traits with “The Martian”; I don’t want to ruin it, should you decide to read it. I will say it was the most entertaining book I have read in some time.

My recommendation: definitely read it.


It is a wonderful story, and accomplishes that rare and difficult task in science fiction of depicting aliens who are drastically different, but neither loathsome enemies nor godlike super-beings. Project Hail Mary is one of those books where you simultaneously hope it’s made into a movie and dread what Hollywood might do to it. Well, we’ll see—MGM bought the film rights in 2020 for US$ 3 million and Ryan Gosling is said to have been chosen to star as Ryland Grace.


Thanks, John, for getting the title correct. In my rush to share the recommendation, I mistakenly shortened the title.

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It really is a great read. I have one very spoilery niggle with it, but it is very minor. Otherwise it is the perfect novel.


Thank you very much, CW, for your recommendation on Andy Weir’s “Project Hail Mary”. Definitely a can’t-put-down page-turner. Fascinating how much can go wrong on a space mission – and how creative people can be in working around problems. I really enjoyed the book, even though (for my taste) Weir slouches dangerously close to Wokeness in some places. Despite that, it is a novel well worth reading!