Hal Puthoff on “Ultraterrestrial Models”

Hal Puthoff, whose long career has included work with tunable lasers, investigations of paranormal phenomena including experiments with Uri Geller and remote viewing at SRI International, zero-point energy, and as a co-founder of To The Stars Academy, the UFO/UAP phenomenon. For some time, rumours have been circulating about a privately distributed paper by Dr Puthoff on some of the suggested non-extraterrestrial origins of UFO. Now the paper, “Ultraterrestrial Models” [PDF, 16 pages], has been published in the Journal of Cosmology, Vol. 29.

It discusses a series of possible explanations of the observed phenomena, then suggests objective evidence which might indicate their correctness.

  1. The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis: In this scenario crash/retrievals of nuts ‘n bolts alien hardware have occurred, the detritus of which has been distributed (in the U.S.) to corporate America (the Col. Corso scenario)
  2. The Isolated Humans Hypothesis: An isolated, high-tech, closed community of humans with somewhat advanced scientific knowledge exists apart from the known culture
  3. The Stranded or Colonizing ETs/”gods” Hypothesis
  4. The Interdimensional or Time Travelers Hypothesis

For each, a series of “telltale signs” for each are given, including some pretty wild ones.

  • development of unusual lines of biological/genetic inquiry by highly- qualified professionals whose career path would seem to diverge suddenly from what might have been extrapolated from their earlier work (e.g., accelerated research into retroviruses) [Extraterrestrial]
  • continuing observation of technology only somewhat in advance of public knowledge (e.g., 1897 airships); unaccounted for, missing financial assets and industrial-grade resources, possibly including individuals; apparent covert misdirection of society, in the absence of real evidence, to accept the likelihood of ET presence [Isolated humans]
  • evidence in myth for high-tech interpretation of claimed devices beyond human capability of the era to manufacture (e.g., nuclear-powered, algae production “manna machine” in Biblical times); hard evidence for isolated mountain bases, detectable by satellite signatures of fastwalker or UCT (uncorrelated target) flight paths, or anomalous undersea activity or bases detectable by distributed underwater monitoring systems [Stranded or colonizing ETs]
  • Fortean phenomena of instant appearance/disappearance of beings; in a reverse process, humans experience “portal access” to alternate realities; appearance of beings “out of synch” in dress, mannerism or language, or technology similarly undecipherable; financial transaction timeline or other futures-oriented activity indicative of advanced foreknowledge [Interdimensional or time travelers]

However seriously you’re inclined to take this, there are the seeds of a couple of dozen science fiction stories in this paper.