High Voltage Floating Water Bridge

Here is more information on the floating water bridge phenomenon, which was first reported in 1897 but largely forgotten until it was rediscovered in 2007. Here is a research paper that investigates the phenomenon and proposes a theoretical explanation, “Experimental investigation of the stability of the floating water bridge”.


When a high voltage is applied between two beakers filled with deionized water, a bridge of water may be formed in between exceeding the length of 2 cm when the beakers are pulled apart. We construct experiments in which the geometry and the electric field within the bridge are measured and compared with predictions of theories on the floating water bridge. A numerical simulation is used for the measurement of the electric field. Our experimental results approve that two forces of dielectric tension and surface tension are holding the bridge against gravity. These forces have the same order of magnitude. Results show that the stability can be explained by macroscopic forces, regardless of the microscopic changes in water structure.