History of the "Jerry Can"

History of the “Jerry Can”:


Comments on a civilian version made by the official NATO contractor:


Very interesting, thank you for sharing. It’s remarkable to see how much practical thought went into iterating the design of a major supply element. Its longevity validates the procurement approach used by the Wehrmacht.

I’ve learned this was the work of Vinzenz Grünvogel, who was the Chief Engineer at the company awarded the redesign work in the 1930s. Here is an interesting article speculating on Grunvogel’s trip to NYC in the late 30s.

The wikipedia page states another interesting tidbit, that sounds eerily prescient in our current troubled times

Motorised troops were issued the cans with lengths of rubber hose in order to siphon fuel from any available source, as a way to aid their rapid advance through Poland at the start of the Second World War.