Homebrewing a 3D Space Mouse for Autodesk Fusion 360

STL files for the components and code for the drivers are posted on GitHub. The magnetometer used to sense 3D position with respect to a fixed magnet is the Adafruit TLV493D Triple-Axis Magnetometer, which sells for US$ 5.95 in quantity 1–9. The microcontroller is a Raspberry Pi RP2040.

This is a 3D viewpoint controller, which implements the functions usually done by combinations of 2D mouse movement and keyboard button presses. It is not a complete six degrees of freedom controller, which, by analogy to a mouse, might be called a “bat”.


I’d replace one of my mice with a bat!

OT: In the pre-affordable PC days when I was traveling most of the time and the kids were young, I’d regularly hear things like this from the girls

“Daddy! Daddy! Mommy found a bat in the house and we all screamed like a bunch of chickens!!!”

We still keep the batmitton racket around just in case, although with white nose disease we haven’t had a bat inside in years.