Horizontal Directional Drilling—Installing Underground Pipelines without Trenching


This has been one item on my “mysteries of life” list ever since Verizon installed FIOS fiberoptic lines to each home in my neighborhood maybe 15 years ago. I stood there watching, probably with my mouth agape, wondering how they do that. Clever tech. Great video!


My neighborhood underwent a day without water a month or so ago. I thought to ask the poor contractor which company was involved. Long story short: I got 1G fiber in the house today. (:

My nearly-symmetrical bandwidth now exceeds the capacity of my router, as far as I can tell. The hardware installed is capable of 5Gbps symmetric, and that is expected to be available soon.


My middle son is a pipeline engineer. A few years back he explained how this worked when we drove past a crew using this to lay a pipeline under the section of I-45 we were on. He recognized the equipment and told me what they were doing and how.


Footage of directional drilling under a river at Giga Texas:

They are drilling from the east and have pipe stacked up at the west to then be pulled back through.

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