How Cancer Evades the Immune System

An excellent introduction to the immune system is Phillipp Dettmer’s 2021 book Immune: A Journey into the Mysterious System That Keeps You Alive. A short video accompanying the book’s publication was posted here on 2021-11-02.


For an entirely different, critical view of cancer and the “immune system”, follow the work of Dr Tom Cowan, his Wednesday webinars. In our censored times, his videos cannot be found on YouTube, but they are on Bitchute, and a reduced set on Rumble:

As there are no transcripts, I haven’t been able to find his best exposition on cancer, where he highlights logical flaws in mainstream theory, but a recent webinar has a short section on cancer and is worth listening to, starting at 13:28 into the video:

Besides cancer and the immune system, Dr Cowan questions and critiques virology, and is on the “no-virus” team with Dr Andrew Kaufman and Dr Sam Bailey, among others. If this is all new to you and you’re pressed for time, I recommend Dr Bailey, as she has done videos on most of the foundational papers of virology:

Regarding the immune system and antibodies, besides Dr Cowan, Mike Stone has done good research and analysis: