How Does a Neon Flicker-Flame Lamp Work?

This brings to mind an interesting anecdote about The Friendly Orange Glow of the first plasma displays.

A colleague who was involved with our work on vector potential communication utilizing relativistic electrons in neon indicator bulbs, just happened to have been a (UniHi) high school student retained by Don Bitzer as a technician fabricating the very first prototype of single “pixel” of a plasma display using nearly the identical gas mixture as neon indicator lamps.

After I rescued him from a virtual suicidal crash following the death of the principle experimental physicist on our vector potential communication project, he bought a bunch of these neon Christmas lights as nightlights for his portion of my house. He noticed that there was a statistical distribution of instabilities in these lamps – some being very unstable and some being only occasionally unstable.

As those who have looked into vector potential models of electrodynamics eventually discover, there is a lot of fringe-science out there that extends into realms of not just psychotronics but psi phenomena. Chaotic instability in physical systems are places where small perturbations can have large butterfly-effects, but they won’t be noticed if the system is always in chaos. So he thought the bulbs that were usually stable might provide a way of testing a kind of psychokinesis – and he started focusing his attention on one of them with the intent of increasing the frequency of transition into a chaotic state. Well, keeping in mind that he was not very stable himself at the time, he thought that he noticed an effect.

I inherited his string of Christmas lights when he returned to Silicon Valley, but cannot attest to this phenomenon myself.

PS: These neon Christmas lights are decreasingly available.


Hmmm… Here is Dean Radin on influencing the magnitude of the interference pattern in a double slit experiment by conscious intent on which slit the photon went through. The optical train, double slit, and detector were entirely sealed.


The mysterious ‘energy fields’ around living beings are pretty easy to measure (say with gas discharge visualization), but somehow haven’t been properly incorporated into science, probably because of mob dynamics in science scaring off young academics from investigating it.

Nevertheless, the techniques make their way into applied science: