How is SCANALYZER Curated?

@shalmanezer - Use of today’s internet, as has become obvious and pointed out by many knowledgeable people, is largely a competition for the scarce resources of time and attention. In that regard, I can’t help but wonder how SCANALYSER is curated - especially given the wide-ranging and eclectic nature of what appears. The constraints of time and attention surely apply to curating a googol or so of video and other postings. Assuming I am asking the correct party (I’m pretty sure there is at least privity - in the Boolean sense - amongst the possible parties of whom I might inquire) and assuming you are willing to entertain the question, how do you even begin to sort through the possibilities?

I should also say that my choice of the category “Tracking with Closeups” is quite tentative. It seems that the curation question might well also be classified as Context, Continuity, or even The Happening World. I am still parsing the various meanings of SCANALYZER, and that, too, is a fascinating endeavor (I am about 67% through my first reading of Stand on Zanzibar).


There’s nothing fancy about the process. Whenever I come across something interesting, whether on Twitter, YouTube, mentioned in E-mail by a correspondent, cited on aggregator sites I frequent, or that I come across whilst researching something that pops into my mind, I send an E-mail with a link to it to myself and then choose what I post from those E-mails, trying to balance out the topics (so, for example, I don’t have four space-related posts right after one another).

That’s it. The key is having assembled an eclectic, prolific, and more or less reliable set of Twitter and YouTube subscriptions that provide a constant stream of candidates.


Thanks.I was curious.