How to design our future

We need to find a way how to re-design the government.
Argentina is trying one way.
Of course the people will not have it.
Today almost everyone is dependant on the government in the form of hand-outs or a “job”.
In general a government job does not produce any substance to society.
The government is a necessary evil that should be of a minimal structure.
This is and has always been the cultural revolution going on.
People want an easy life for free.
That is what the World Economic Forum (WEF) is offering … you just have to hand over your freedom in exchange.
Most of our governments in the west have become Marxist.
The question is what can be done to avoid this trap of Communism?


Build a wall

Less immigration, legal and otherwise

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Discussion on a better government is intellectually entertaining, but not realistic. We are not going to get an improved government. We aren’t even going to get the imperfect government of 100 years ago (pick whatever time frame). Humpty Dumpty will not be put back together.

The hidden assumption made is that the vast majority of people want the same thing. In this article he sites the deterioration in the trust in institutions. The assumption is that all the people that no longer have trust in institutions have the same reasons. Take any of those institutions and do the follow up question. Why don’t you trust in X. You will get a bimodal distribution. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of something one part of the distribution doesn’t like, they no longer have trust in that institution. The old saying is something like Congress sucks but my Congressman is great.

Solutions need to start with an understanding of the root cause of the problem and the solution needs to address the root cause. In the article the author describes the root cause as the empire is too big and complex. The solution is to have more than one person run it. This is command and control thinking and it doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked in large corporations and it hasn’t worked in countries. It didn’t even work in the Roman Empire which he sited as an example of diving up control.

I guess he doesn’t see the irony of proposing a command and control improvement while being concerned about Marxism. Maybe he thinks Marxism would work with multiple leaders?

As I said, I don’t think it pays to discuss what type of government is needed because that ship has sailed. What may be beneficial is to discuss the root cause of the problem and potential solutions.

With self rule, their needs to be consensus. I don’t think the US has a consensus on which direction to go. When 1/2 want to go to LA and 1/2 to New York they need to decide if going to Chicago is acceptable or if they should go their separate ways. It is like we have been trying to go to Chicago and nobody finds that acceptable. At the same time, everyone is under the delusion that they can convince others that their preferred destination is really the best destination.

When you have a division between two groups that cannot come to agreement, you either have to let them do their own thing or force one group to agree with the other. I am hoping we can agree to do our own thing because I really don’t want to beat another into submission or have them beat me until I submit.

As long as we have a significant amount of people that think Humpty Dumpty can be put back together or that they will convince the “other side” to agree with them, we will likely not find a solution or worse the solution will be tyranny.

Under “normal” circumstances it is extremely hard to change the government. It takes a overwhelming consensus maintained for several years. This only happens in times of serious crisis. This doesn’t take into account the media, deep state, a type of reverse fascism and a whole lot of government dependency.


Submit to Sortocracy or the data will not flow.

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I agree with you.
The article was meant as to get the discussion going.
Each one of us will have to do a deep dive into this person Martin Armstrong and his writing if you truly wish to understand his views.
He has proposed a solution but the politicians did not want that solution, as the outcome would be that they would lose power.

As said, I agree, the ship has sailed.
We will get into full blown WW3 very soon as none of the politicians are interested in peace.
And they do not care about us.

I will just say, do not freak out when the first bomb will fall.

Watch the movie “The day after” from 1983.
You will get a very bad taste in your mouth.
Because when the shit hits the fan there is no way going back or to put the genie back in the bottle.


From the Article: “We need a Chief of Staff who is not subject to appointment by the Senate to oversee the agencies. With the power to fire anyone, the office of Inspector General should be provided with the power to indict anyone in government as the Tribune of the Plebs was permitted during the Roman Republic.”

Well, that idea did not work out too smoothly for the Romans – see the fates of the Gracchi brothers.

What is really interesting is the quoted survey result that only 7% – 1 US person in 14 – has confidence in Congress … and this is in a nominal “democracy”! If the key institution which was supposed to direct the country does not have the support of 9 out of 10 of the citizens, then we have a problem which will not be solved by shuffling a few chairs in the DC Swamp.

Let’s start with the obvious – the idea of a “democratic republic” has failed. The checks & balances of federalism have failed, and excessive power has been concentrated in the Swamp because the elected Congress has failed.

My guess is that the root cause is money – the ability of the Swamp Creatures to borrow & print without limit – exacerbated by the development of a nomenklatura, a permanent political-bureaucratic-legal clique. Effectively, the US now has a fascist regime, where private business is allowed as long as it does what the Political Class tells it to do. The rest of the West is in much the same state.


  1. Make institutions like Congress truly representative – members selected from the citizen body by lot for relatively short periods, like 1 year. And public audits of those representatives and their associates for 5 years after their term.

  2. End birthright citizenship. Citizenship, including voting rights, has to be earned.

  3. Congress is prohibited from borrowing money.

  4. Each level of government (county, city, state, federal) is allowed to tax only the level below it. Only a county or city can directly tax its residents … who are free to move if they don’t like it.

  5. No bureaucrat-imposed regulations – only laws passed by (s)elected bodies such as Congress after 3 readings which every voting member has to sit through.

  6. 60/40 voting on all laws. I.e., it takes 60% of the votes to impose a law, but that same law can be repealed at any time by a vote of 40% of the representatives.

Of course, none of this can happen until after the inevitable collapse.


Very good ideas !

But let’s be honest with ourselves.

President Javier Milei of Argentina is only down-sizing the government employee number and removing handouts and the people are going crazy.
People have been accustomed to free money (government employment).
Imagine 80% of government employees being without job !!!

We can only hope for this but as you say only after the total crash and burn which will not be a happy period. The great depression plus WW2 in Germany will seem like a walk in the park.

Hence what Martin is proposing in the hope to avoid a nearly extinction event.

Only time will tell.

But you are right @Gavin we need to discuss this now so that those who survive can influence to future generations.

The question is; can we learn from our mistakes?


@Gavin there are so many details we can discuss.

I would be happy if we can agree upon a very few points:

  • term limit for all politicians and no payment for the service
  • number of total government employees at max 1% of total work force
  • no standing army but a peoples army
  • no taxation
  • print government spending at max 5% of GDP

That is my proposals for now.


Because we need to remember this to after the collapse :wink:


Agreed on the need to Keep It Simple! And agreed on the need to think now about how to pass on the lessons from our failure to the future generations who will have to struggle to rebuild the mess we are leaving them.

We are re-learning the lesson of the Ancient Greeks – democracies fail. Add that to the lessons from so many other societies – monarchies fail, emperors fail, warlords fail, religious communities fail. The human race has yet to find a sustainable form of government – maybe there is none?

On the optimistic side, we have to observe one of the most obvious lessons of history – Life Goes On! The Roman Empire collapsed, but people still live in Italy, and some of them seem to be happy & productive. Even the global thermonuclear war which “Joe Biden” is working towards will not put an end to the forward march of humanity, only delay it for decades or longer.


I actually thought I made a comment saying the same thing about representation by lottery, but I cannot find it.


Here? The Crazy Years - #3794 by Mettelus


Are there 67 senators who will vote yes for Ukraine membership in NATO?

I think it would be close but not 67


I agree with Bannon : only property owners should vote.

That eliminates a lot of ignorance and stupidity and insanity (abortion mainly)

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