How to make the Political Class do its job

Apologies in advance for this cri-de-coeur.

My State, like the rest of them, requires drivers to have vehicle insurance, under penalty of law. That seems like a very reasonable law to ensure that there will be funds available to make restitution for the inevitable mishaps on the roads.

However, the State effectively declines to enforce its own law. Apparently, that would be unfair to illegal immigrants and others who can’t afford or simply refuse to get insurance – and we certainly can’t have unfairness. Instead, the State requires those law-abiding citizens who do get insurance to purchase “Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists” coverage. Looking at my current billing, 44% of the total is this coverage to make up for those drivers who do not purchase insurance. Presumably, this means about half the drivers on the roads are not bothering to follow the Political Class’s law. Fairness for scoflaws!

Since the same Political Class who passed the law about insurance is also responsible for policing & enforcing the law, the fair solution would be for the State to have the burden of paying for uninsured motorist coverage. By properly enforcing their own law, the Political Class could reduce this burden to a minimal amount. And since States don’t have the freedom to print money, their costs for covering uninsured motorists would have to come out of some of the Political Class’s preferred expenditures, such as for Drag Queen shows in grade schools.

Of course, this will never happen as long as we tax-payer sheep present ourselves to be regularly fleeced.


Yep. No matter - we will always pay. Don’t try to catalogue all the ways illegal immigrants are a privileged class when it comes to immunity from laws which are routinely used to ruin the lives of mere citizens. If you decide to start that list, begin with flying on airliners for free with no ID. End with voting illegally - because the “officials” in charge of elections WANT them to vote and know that NO ONE dares to challenge either a POC’s vote or those who register them and count their votes as valid and legal. Lawlessness is inherent in city life and in every state function. Don’t think elections are in any way exempt.


About time you equip your household with some illegal slave laborers and derive some upside from the system. :upside_down_face: