How to React During a Mass Shooting

Russians With Attitude has a rather long English-language review of the attack/mass murder by (someone?) on the Crocus City venue near Moscow.

One of the interesting parts is the report that a Russian man ran at one of the gunmen while he was reloading and grappled with him. Another Russian man joined in and the two of them beat down the gunman. Not at all the “Shelter In Place” approach so beloved by Our Rulers.

This brings back memories of the 2011 Utoya shooting on a Norwegian island where a “Youth Camp” for future Norwegian leaders was in progress. Those future Norwegian leaders patiently stood around while the gunman calmly reloaded multiple times.

The teenage/early 20s Norwegian future leaders outnumbered the gunman about 100 to 1. The Russian citizens in the Crocus City venue outnumbered the gunmen approximately 1,000 to 1. If the general attitude was that the right way to behave when confronted with a mass shooter would be to charge at the bastard and overpower him, the casualties would probably be much fewer.

Of course, none of us can know how we would react under those extreme circumstances – and hopefully none of us ever gets the chance to find out. Still, it might be better if Our Leaders promoted the idea that the proper (dare we say, male?) response is to meet violence with violence. However, Our Leaders probably prefer that we behave like frightened Norwegian sheep; that way, we are much more biddable, and less of a threat to themselves.


starting around 49:00, they go on rants about the evils of gun control and uncontrolled immigration.


I recently reviewed “The Attack “ by Kurt Shliechter. It describes about 1000 simultaneous attacks as this one in crowded public venues like this one; that was only day one of three in the book. It goes without saying that “law enforcement “ was ineffective. Given the open invitation and financial assistance given to illegal entrants (they are not immigrants -those are vetted before admission), is there any doubt we will have lots of such events? It will be October 7 x 1000. I can tell you in advance, it will be Trump’s fault, according to TPTB. Anyway, the only reason I have a carry permit is to be able to protect myself, my family and my community if I am present when this happens. Better to die resisting with 48 jhp 9mm rounds available than cowering. Hopefully, there are thousands of others who feel the same duty. We are so far gone, the obvious blame will be placed on everything except the intentionally TREASONOUS open borders. It will come as a complete surprise that recruitment of dem illegal voters in this fashion has “unintended “ consequences!


A number of free state possibilities.

First, you meant to say “148 grain…” Using a suppressor?

Second, you carry a full size 17+1 with a spare 30-round mag.

Third, you carry a compact 15+1 with two spare 15-round mags with +1 base plates.


The last. Actually, Sig Sauer P320 Compact Carry in my always with me man purse with 2 spare magazines. I ignore all signs disinviting weapons. Only pay attention to X-ray stations - those increasingly like airport security. These will be the first targets, of course.


That was one of the other surprises in the RWA YouTube video – the terrorists essentially had free reign in the venue for about 2 (two!) hours (hours!!). Special Forces responded within half an hour, but then seem to have focused on moving people away from the building rather than tracking down the gunmen inside.

Given the slow arrival of official “help”, I can’t help but wonder what the outcome would have been if ladies had simply thrown their handbags at the gunmen to distract them while men attacked them from behind. It is never a good feeling to be outnumbered in a fight.

There is a lot that does not make sense about this attack – such as the supposed ISIS gunmen attempting to escape instead of seeking Islamic martyrdom as usual. And surely a modern venue should have had a very effective sprinkler system to handle any fire? Per RWA, more people died from the fire than from the shootings.


At the foundation of any civilization the phrase “thank you for your service” could be heard as “thank you for your bloodline sire”. Any military leader sometimes called a king would make it his first responsibility to ensure the bloodline of those that gave their life in service. He would probably just execute anyone that made a mockery of such sacrifices by saying that genes just don’t matter all that much. It therefore behooves the enemies of a civilization to turn its women against men who believe that genes matter. What are you going to do? Kill the women? Rape them?

So far as I know Israel is the only nation that saves the sperm of its soldiers. Oh those Nazis!


Looks like when things get serious, others do:


It’s one thing to extend healthcare coverage to sperm bank donations or even IVF treatments so that veterans rendered infertile from war, who may be receiving disability payments as well as veterans benefits, may be less likely to turn his suicidal feelings around and hunt down the elites who sent him to get his balls shot off, and it’s quite another to ensure that a dead hero’s bloodline is preserved.

“… and I thank God I have no sons…”


This is extremely informative.
But what’s wrong with just, y’know, knocking up as many girls as you can before you leave? Idk, sometimes old ways are best….:crazy_face:


Genghis Khan style🤪

Very effective


That’s right. Women “don’t know” what it takes to found a civilization.

But, hey, if they get what they want (take that Freud), that’s ok by me personally. I want to get back to mutual hunt in nature between individuals as the appeal of last resort in dispute processing anyway. I was just trying to be nice to the lawyers but, hey… only so much I can do.


Just came across this, today. A propos, no?


Been saying that for quite a while now. I generally have not gone anywhere unarmed for years. When asked, I say it’s my personal insurance policy. I don’’t expect my house to burn down, nor to get into a car accident, nor to have my home invaded, nor to see a bunch of jihadis show up at my church, but I still have insurance for those situations. Loaded weapons in the house and CCW is my “insurance’ for the last two.


Yes and I printed out 500 of these to divide up between the local fire and rescue volunteers in a pathetic attempt to overcome a decade of intransigence by “community leaders” to permit me to set up a property tax based county currency that might evolve some semblance of “community” in preparation for what’s coming.

All I can do is offer my own services to these volunteers – who I have, at age 70, joined – in hopes that I can get others in the “community” to offer goods and services to the volunteers so as to get my services – which I will not offer in exchange for anything but these “tickets”.

Last night while preparing for bed I had to haul ass to rescue someone my age (while being trained by someone else my age to drive an ambulance and a paramedic on the protocols to follow at the hospital). This morning before I was ready to wake up, I again had to haul ass to possibly drive an ambulance to a neighboring community because the neighboring community is also served by volunteers and their one driver hadn’t registered his availability. Turns out we didn’t need to go. So now, I’m dead tired.

You know what the problem is?

Women, or should I say, pubescent girl bosses in crones’ bodies that run the town into the ground driving young men to despair while parading around their “Community Pride” organization.

Crones – real crones – should be among the leaders of the community in the sense that they get that the world is castrating the young men and they have enough wisdom to listen to guys like me who understand what the young men need the way a good zookeeper understands what it takes for his captive animals to reproduce*.

What’s going to happen when the shit hits the fan?

The first thing we do, we kill all the girl bosses in crones bodies – hopefully without killing the bodies so they can be inhabited by the long-absent and much needed and sorely missed wisdom of the crone archetype.

Yes, there are other causes of the young men turning away from life, but the girl-bosses in crones’ bodies are a huge problem because they should be keeping the girl-bosses in young women bodies from going batshit crazy.

* And don’t get me started on the damn PREACHERS.