How to understand theoretical physics in 200 hours

I worked with Lenny Susskind at Cornell in 1963 and 1964 when we were grad students together with Johnny Glogower. It’s worth watching all of Lenny’s Stanford University Videos and that is my 2022 New Years Resolution.


This is tremendous.

Note that essentially every course at MIT is now available for free at MIT Open Courseware. Knowledge has never before been so widely and freely available.

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Lenny’s delivery is aimed at beginning students so it can be a bit slow for professionals, however, every now and then he says something extremely useful e.g. when he explains why you need the square root of the determinant of the metric tensor to get an invariant 4 volume element in the 4D global integrals of the Lagrangian density for fields (gravity, em, strong-weak and even fermions like electrons, quarks et-al.).

As johnwalker says, this is indeed tremendous. It is understandable to me because it begins with the foundation of the structure of physics knowledge. Trying to fit together all the seemingly-disparate pieces over many years has left me confused. I am hopeful this approach will greatly improve my limited understanding. Thank you, @jacksarfatti

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Let me know what you think. I am also investigating the MIT video lectures. Right now brushing up on electrical engineering - also solid state since I need to get more deeply into metamaterial design.