I See 2024

It’s gonna be Trump vs. AOC.
She will be age-eligible by then. And think about it: she’s perfect. She won’t have to explain supporting Ol’ Bygone She’s always been unabashedly far to the Left of him.
Maybe she’ll primary him.
Maybe he’ll just say, as he did in 2020, that he only ever intended to be a “transition” President, and now the future is here, in the person of this feisty young lady.
She will probably, at least she should, keep Hapless as her VP.
Sure, she’s been widely caricatured and ridiculed. Yuh: the key word there is “widely”. See Itzler’s article on Am Thinker this AM: Hitler, Mussolini, and yes, Trump were all subjected to the same kinda ridicule yet they rose to power.
And can she beat Trump? Yes, if all the Dems vote for her. And they WILL. There are more of them than of us. They’ve got a problem with Ol’Bygone, sure, but AOC can promise a fresh start. You add the feminists, the “youthists”who are just sicka all the octagenarians running things (Trump will be almost half a century older than she is!) —plus all the people who just always vote Dem and VOILA!
We lose.

But losing may not be the worst of it.

IMAGINE the horrors of the campaign season with such a contest?

Please dear polymaths, tell me I’m wrong.


I still get the sense that many have not awoken to the fact that elections do not matter anymore. If someone–anyone not just Trump–runs on any type of a populist platform, i.e., America First (it should be American First) then the Deep State is going to do what they did in 2020 when they outright stole an election using the tactics they have sharpened over the course of three decades of Color Revolutions. You WILL nominate someone from the Uniparty (and AOC is very much a Uniparty Member) or they will just prevent your guy from winning. They fell asleep at the switch in 2016 because–come on now admit it–NOBODY thought Trump would win. Well that ain’t happening any more. WE ARE NOT VOTING OUR WAY OUT OF THIS!!! We will either be put in chains, become compliant little cows, or die fighting for freedom. That’s it folks. Get used to the new normal. WE are now insurgents in our own goddamned country. Welcome to South Carolina circa 1866.


Donald Trump posted what looks like a campaign ad on Truth Social Tuesday, shortly after the FBI raid on Mars a Lago.

The video ends with “…the best is yet to come.”

Watch it here:


The truthsocial site currently blocks IP addresses that it geolocates outside the U.S.


Sky News Australia has uploaded the video to their YouTube account where, at this writing, it remains available.


It is a wonderful video.
I don’t know why, but for me lines of literature flash into my head whenever anything important happens.
“it was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” is tonight’s refrain.


Could AOC become President? Sure! Why not?

What we are learning from Sleepy Joe Biden* is that the punter called “President” does not matter nowadays. And when we do get a real President like President Trump, the same Deep State that ignores Biden* actively works to undermine him – with significant help from the traitorous Institutional Republicans. The Deep State won’t have to undermine AOC – she will do what she is told.

As 1789Libertarian says, we are not voting our way out of this, not in a society where “elections” have become an exercise in corruption. Just remember the Titanic has already hit the iceberg. An economy as deeply in debt and as heavily dependent on imports as are we cannot continue to print money and expect exporters to continue to accept our IOUs for their Real Goods. Even if we had a sudden burst of political honesty and tried to save the ship, we would still be looking at decades of hard times as we clawed our way back to reality. AOC is irrelevant.