Iceland Volcano Live Cameras

The Live from Iceland YouTube channel has disabled embedding their live feeds in other Web pages. Click to view on YouTube.

The YouTube link above shows live views from multiple cameras on the Reykjanes Peninsula in southwest Iceland, home to the Fagradalsfjall volcano and volcanic system.

Something is up, or down, or coming up, there. Wikipedia reports:

November 2023 activity

On 10 November, a state of emergency was announced after thousands of earthquakes were recorded in the region. The Icelandic Met Office said it was worried about the large volume of magma that was spreading beneath the surface and could breach the surface. It added that the volume of magma was considerably greater than those observed during the largest magma intrusions related to past eruptions at Fagradalsfjall. Since late October, over 20,000 earthquakes were registered. An evacuation order was issued in the town of Grindavík. This was due to the threat of volcanic eruption. The Blue Lagoon was evacuated as well due to increased seismic activity.

At the bottom right of the video feed is a list of recent earthquakes, listing time in UTC, magnitude, and depth, colour coded by magnitude. The Iceland Earthquake Monitor site shows seismic events in real time, with locations and magnitudes. The map can be zoomed and panned.

The Live from Iceland channel has a variety of live streaming cameras from around the island.


(Click for video.)