"Inapposite" - In Life and Death

My wife, Gigi, and I have been living with her diagnosis of an incurable - but possibly arrest-able for a few years, cancer - since the first of this year. Given the recurring challenges that presents and the ever-looming specter of death, it isn’t surprising I find myself frequently thinking that through. My first realization was that, though I am 99% focused on helping her physically, emotionally and spiritually, there is no guarantee that I will survive her. I could die suddenly or fall ill, into a slow decline unto death myself. As I am extremely grateful for being able to be of help to her, the thought I might become unable to continue, is terrifying.

As I do these many daily tasks, I also peruse the daily “news” and, more importantly, posts on Scanalyst. The latter is, of course, a far more rational and superior means of keeping in touch with reality. Do today’s “news” organizations even attempt to encompass a picture of reality via synthesis of “the happening world”, “context”, “continuity”, or “tracking with closeups”? Of course not; instead they are about the business of pile-driving agendas and narratives into the heads of todays “educated” citizens. Scanalyst helps me see through that. Accordingly, as some thoughts become clear to me, I set them forth here (sorry they’re so long), in the hopes that sharing them, some of you of Scanalyst may find them useful.

In passing, I must mention a recent thread on Scanalyst - “Mearsheimer rustling everyone’s jimmies”. I see there clear understanding in what he says about Russia/Ukraine. Yet, when it comes to Israel, he studiously excludes the fundamental reasons for Israel’s actions. When he describes Israel’s attacks on Gaza, it’’s as though the Israelis, having nothing better to do, decided to make war on Gaza and kill only women and children. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, they must have perfected highly-advanced female- and child-seeking missiles in their blood lust.

Literally smothered in the mountain of lies, historical revisionism and propaganda (no anti-semitism, of course), is the simple fact that Israel would be glad to live in peace with its neighbors. What has been said for more than 50 years is the simple truth: If the Arabs would lay down their weapons, there would be peace; If the Jews laid down their weapons, they would be exterminated”. This obvious, age-old injustice, heads the list of reasons for my pessimism - coming as it does, a mere 80 years after the Holocaust. Based in solipsism, the ‘west” is in total denial of the kind of hatred on display abroad and, most sadly, at home (only hatred of Trump and his supporters by the “peace-loving woke” comes anywhere close).

Looking back over my life from age 80, I can see how I adapted to the many changes throughout my life, by variations on a theme I learned in childhood. For instance, I was often able to wait out impending fears (like a bully at school) by telling myself something like, at its simplest “If I can just get through this day, the problem will decrease; after this grade, the problem won’t be there next year”; or next period, or next season or in the next school or after I graduate, etc. Most all my problems, I believed, would diminish with passage of time, as measured by certain regularly-occurring life events - often long term goals. I think most of us have had many similar experiences. In adulthood, similarly: after this campaign is finished at work, after I change jobs, after the holidays, etc. Mental mechanisms like these are common, mundane adaptations.

Until now, that is. It no longer fits for me. To borrow a law school word, it’s inapposite. That’s a judge’s word when declining to follow a prior case cited as a precedent. It means that the case put forth is not sufficiently similar to the case being heard as to be useful as precedent; either the facts or the law don’t line up. They just don’t fit, or it’s not pertinent or relevant anymore. In this instance, it seems my future has clawed itself backward in time so as to all but subsume the present moment. There isn’t much future left to shirk into because there are no landmarks left in that unknowably-abbreviated future. I’m talking here about stark awareness of my own impending death; born in 1944, I have already exceeded my life expectancy of 70.4 by about 13% and I have several medical problems.

Until recently, rather than unimaginatively whistling past the graveyard, I have been relying on humor as a defense - saying things like I was counting down my remaining life in increments of 90 day prescription refills. Or, I’d say I wonder which big box purchase at SamsClub would outlast me this time. I sometimes wonder who, among those I grew up with who survive me - from my young life - would know of my exit, even as I now know of those who died before me.

I find something very mysterious about that knowledge of their deaths - something, that I can’t really describe - something ineffable comes with knowing of the end of someone I knew in youth - with clear memory of all their vibrancy, intense aliveness, their hopes and dreams - and that their story is now irrevocably over. I and others who survive them know something of the beginning, the middle and the end of that individual’s life. Their story is now completely written, and I find a mystery in my knowing that fact which I can’t articulate. I haven’t succeeded in figuring it out, but I sense it is of great import. It partakes of the fact that I know their whole story; they didn’t get to know mine; that others will know mine, while I will be unable to reflect back over my entire life; does any of it matter?

In the past, I worried whether we would outlive our retirement savings, despite the fact that we always lived well below our means. That was, in part, temperamental (learned from parents who lived through the Great Depression), but also the result of our longstanding desire to leave resources for our children and grandchildren. That, in turn, grew out of our assessment of the trajectory of the erstwhile-united States (and the difficulty of leaving and taking our whole family with us) and the likelihood it would fall on long-term economic hard times and/or self-destruct. That worry over savings has evaporated, at least since my wife’s cancer diagnosis. It is now highly unlikely she will outlast the savings and I no longer care - in light of that fact - whether I outlast them or not (it is unlikely I will outlast them either).

I quickly adapted to Gigi’s diagnosis by willingly constricting myself to a single mission: my life mattered only to the extent I remain alive and capable of helping her physically, emotionally and spiritually - through this roller coaster ordeal. After that, I don’t know and I’m not sure I care. What I do know is that I literally rejoice that my spontaneous and overriding feeling during this ordeal - most surprisingly, given my prior critical assessment of myself - is gratitude that I am capable of doing it and that I WANT TO do it. I have long known that I am unable to cause my next feeling state through will power. This aspect of cognition has a life of its own. That is to say, I could not have willed myself to be grateful, so I rejoice because it feels like a gift which was given me through no effort of my own. At the same time I continue to take care of myself - mostly through 2 hours of aerobic exercise/day - in an effort to preserve my own health to the extent possible. I can’t say I eat a consistently healthy diet, though. Eating is the only physical pleasure which remains available to me. I alternate between “anything goes” and low carb, low calorie - in such a manner as to maintain my weight, thanks to John Walker’s “The Hackers Diet” chart function with 200 day moving average.

Nonetheless, out of my habit of of marking twain my worries for so many years, by life’s next anticipated way station, I still recur, reflexively, to that familiar kind of thought process. Whenever I find myself projecting any present problem into the future, I realize that such thinking is no longer apposite (there’s that legal word again, though reversed in polarity). It is just not pertinent anymore, not applicable, it doesn’t sit well with previous strategy - because for me the next way station is “the peace which passeth all understanding” - from which so far as I know, there is no looking back to mull over how things turned out; whether all that worry and planning had actually been necessary or helpful.

I am aware that an essential part of who I am is he who looks back and tries to find the context and meaning of all things of which I am aware. I’m a Scanalyzer (thought a most limited one)! I try to think of all this non-linearly, though I am most restricted in that attempt. This is but a limited, humble mortal’s tiny effort to catch a pixel in a single frame of what God sees streaming in 1028K through a 360 degree lens (if more dimensions exist, then some multiple of that panorama as well). In old age, I realize this constant companion - this longing for total understanding and context of everything - has been at the heart of my search for God. Having been made in His image, why wouldn’t I want to see all of Creation as He does (Even as I write this, with ever-increasing understanding that my intellect is woefully inadequate to the task, I also suspect how silly it is to assign God a sex, by using a male pronoun [don’t get me started on that!]).

The ancient phrase “created in the image of God” has recently caused me to ponder the nature of human curiosity. Isn’t it an ontological, central component of what it means to be human? My recurring focus is attempting to understand everything. I see that same focus in others who share their own inner workings, so that others may similarly gain understanding. Since I began this line of thinking, I sense it is all-encompassing as to everything I observe - animate and inanimate. What is it made of? How did it get there? When did it begin? When will it end? What will it do or how will it be used? What is the entire life story of that object, person animal, microbe? When, how and by whom was it named? What role does it play in the entire chain of causation both locally and the to universe at large? What I’m trying to assert here is my suspicion that human curiosity is rooted in a desire to become God-like in our knowledge and understanding of everything (I’m not reiterating Homo Deus here). Was it Jesus’ biography and knowledge which was resurrected, rather than - or in addition to - his body? If so, this is indeed hopeful in an era where our thoughts, words, images, and ideas can be preserved and widely shared (Google et. al. permitting) and preserved in time for all humankind. Is this what Biblical immortality is?

Yet, I still ponder mundane things like, how long will this prescription last, or when will we need more milk or eggs. On the generational scale, which I often mentally visit, I wonder: will my adult children be ok? Will they live happy, meaningful (to themselves, most importantly) lives or become pawns in some ideological war? Who will comfort them in their difficulties or when their time comes? How about our two Ragdoll cats? Will they be loved and cared for? They are bred to be pusillanimous house cats, so that even if merely let outside, they would perish. They are an epitome of dependency on human love as manifested by physical care (abortion is pertinent here, but I posted on that previously). I can hardly bear the thought of their suffering - as I can hardly bear the suffering of any living thing - whenever I focus on it. Too often for my own good, as well, I ponder the larger future, the BIG, BIG picture. I even look back and ask myself - what big events happened after each of my grandparents died (I marveled at their being born to horse and buggy and living to fly on jumbo jet aircraft); after my parents? What did each of them die never knowing? Again, a small part of that ineffable mystery.

What will I miss? What will become of the the world after I’m gone? Most pressingly to me, as my ancestors were Jews what will happen in the Middle East? Surely, that tribe of Jews who have been persecuted longer and harder than any other group throughout recorded history - whose well-documented historical ancestors created the only nation (The Kingdom of Israel) which ever existed on that land (before there was a Palestine and long before Mohammed founded Islam) - are as entitled as any nation to live together as a nation, according to their tolerant and decent beliefs and practices, in their ancient homeland. Surely, the surrounding tribal nations of Arabs can understand that same tribal desire - all 20+ separate, exclusively Muslim, Muslim- supremacist one of those (full fruition, judenrein, apartheid) nations. It’s not as though assimilation would be a problem for Palestinians - to live among their brothers/sisters whose Islamic cultures (where religion = state) - customs, foods, practices etc. - are identical. By any reasonable definition, following the League of Nations “Partition Plan”, isn’t Jordan already a “Palestinian” state? Did anyone notice or care that, beginning in 1948, nearly 1 million Jews were ethnically cleansed from their homes in every Arab country? The Jews’ fate in Europe speaks for itself, yet large number of self-proclaimed non*-* antisemites, deny anything much happened there in that regard.

Most every group of peoples in existence today, every present nation, has been conquered at some time in the past - occupied and either subjugated/blended genetically with conquerors or its former peoples exterminated. The legitimacy of the existence of every other nation on Earth is universally taken for granted. To do so is merely a question of arbitrarily ignoring some or all prior historical conquests at some convenient-to-the-narrative historical time. All such conquests are irrelevant as to every other country on Earth. Except Israel, which has itself been conquered and its tribe of Jews murdered and scattered, repeatedly over 3500 years. Yet, they have maintained a remarkable affinity for each other, based upon their beliefs, including the desire to reassemble in their ancient homeland. They have done so repeatedly. It is likely this would be considered an admirable trait in any other group of humans; we are, after all, a highly social species. As well, no other nation on Earth would be expected to not war on a belligerent neighbor, whose policy is to kill civilians - one whose very existence is explicitly rooted in genocide. This has been made clear in every medium, down to grammar school texts instilling in young children, the necessity to kill all the Jews! Gaza is founded upon exterminating its neighbor, not establishing a “two-state solution”. Why is there a different standard of self defense when it comes to only Israel? (The question answers itself for anyone with a shred of honesty).

What will become of the war between Russia and the west using Ukrainian pawns. Will it become WWIII with nuclear devastation? Western elites seem bent upon that course, employing their willful ignorance of the history showing the common origins of both “constructed” slavic groups of today. Haven’t they heard of the KIEVan Rus? When “social constructs” actually matter, western elites blithely ignore them when it suits their false narratives. I hope my children and grandchildren are not reduced to radioactive ash because of our arrogant leadership, who are incapable of understanding existential matters for any nation other than their (mis)perceptions as to their own. Have they forgotten the Cuban missile crisis? How missiles in Cuba were, with certainty, an existential threat to the US? Goose, gander anyone? A fair reading of Putin’s speeches, he makes clear why Ukraine’s NATO membership is incompatible with survival of Russia. As well, he makes it clear Russia is fighting to preserve its Christian and decidedly “UN-woke” cultural and social values. His statements in this regard are notably and explicitly tolerant. In addition to being coherent, his statements represent the kind of things we used to expect from our leaders.

US nukes in a NATO-member Ukraine, our leaders say, are no threat to Russia. Why was it, then, that NATO not only did not dissolve, but expanded east after the dissolution of the USSR and the dissolution of Warsaw Pact. Which side is signaling peaceful; intentions? It did so despite explicit and repeated assurances to Gorbachev and then Yeltsin that NATO would not expand “one inch eastward”. Russia has not expanded westward. This is another fundamental failure of our governance. These provocations are as reckless as, say, changing the name ‘Cuba’ to ‘Taiwan” and declaring itself a province of China. Under the Monroe Doctrine, this would automatically be an existential threat to the US. Might not Crimea come under a “Monroe Doctrine- like" prudent and necessary (for national survival) doctrine for Russia’ survival? Why not? Are there no general principles - applicable to all nations’ interests, by which the US will abide? What has become of US/NATO credibility when I trust what Vladimir Putin says, not what emerges from Joseph Marionette Biden?

Speaking of governance failures and their likely consequences: when will the financial house of cards based on fake money collapse? Again, I worry for my descendants. Will the present march of the new totalitarian neo- Marxist neo- fascism ever be successfully overturned? Does individual liberty have any future beyond the ersatz substitute of hedonic license? For that matter, does society - consisting of a voluntary association of individuals who have natural affinity for fellowship - have any future? Will a coronal mass ejection (or intentional nuclear EMPs) put an end to our information/industrial society in a few milliseconds? Will an asteroid impact cause mass extinction? Will strong artificial general intelligence escape and enslave or destroy humanity (or keep some of us as pets?). Will humankind willingly submit to becoming post-human entities of some kind? Cyborgs? A “hive mind”? Will it make any difference if, as Elon Must asserts, we establish a colony on Mars?

These and other literally Earth-shaking issues are coming to a head. It is not knowing whether these will be peacefully resolved which grieves me most about my impending end. To me, as ever a student of my times, I find it impossible to predict any of this. As best I can tell, we have arrived at novel inflection points on the curves describing human trajectories along numerous essential aspects of our existence. Given the pattern of wars of choice we have fought beginning with Korea and Viet Nam - none of them existential or even in our national interest (or successful), I can no longer think of us as the “good guys” we were in WWII.

A new religious fervor in the form of “scientism” and “revealed wisdom” have taken hold and actually taken charge at home in the form of so-called “woke” with DEI rubrics. It appears to me the deep state foreign policy establishment are also on board and believe they can coerce the entire planet as they now shove their new “woken” rubrics down the throats of the general public. Not content to bother with persuasion - either in foreign or domestic matters - this band of tyrants attempts to reach into and control the very thoughts and words of anyone, everywhere. The Russians and Chinese aren’t having any and we seem bent on provoking conflict with them. The history of such religious conflicts - and this will be a religious war - would instill great caution, had we prudent, rational leaders.

Those who don’t submit at home are de-platformed, silenced, or jailed on “Trumped - up” (what fortuitous nomenclature) charges. Can the guillotine be far behind? Abroad, being bombed or ‘droned’ is in the repertoire. The impending results of all this, unless soon reversed at home and abroad, appear to me to be disaster, but I will likely miss the ending. And I can’t just dismiss it as ‘not my problem’ just because I will no longer be alive to witness it, as I have children and grandchildren as well as hopes for our progeny and humankind, generally. It is important to me, whether or not my worry is of any historical significance, simply because I conceive of myself as single molecule in the river of life.

Indeed, if there remains something of my conscious self after death (this is possible, in that it is consistent with my late-in-life theism, but it is in no way assured), I suppose I would observe with deep interest and hopes for the best, for those who remain and those yet to be born - after I’m long gone. How, if it survives, will human civilization evolve? Though I expect no beatification after my death, I will if possible, pray for all those at the mercy of the great hidden worldly forces which have directed most human life since time immemorial and over which we ordinary folk have had little to no influence - except possibly through prayer.

I suppose my greatest hope for my posthumous self is to be given answers to the great questions - those which have been asked starting with our earliest ancestors - since they first looked up to the heavens in awe and wonderment. As well, new equally deep questions have been necessitated by our more recent predecessors, scientists of the 19th and 20th centuries - who first observed the similarly awesome universe within molecules and atoms, including the zero point vacuum. What is going on at that level of physical reality? Though that is a recently-emerging question, the more we learn, the more questions arise…

Stunning questions arise, as well, from the discovery of the digital coding in DNA and the molecular nano-machines which manufacture biological molecules, cells and organisms - life. Could these have possibly arisen through undirected, random natural forces? Can the tremendous amount of specified information contained in DNA possibly arise from anything other than mind? As of now, it is increasingly clear to me - purely as a matter of science and statistics, that random interactions of chemicals cannot possibly account for formation of even one single functional protein, much less the hundreds/thousands necessary for the simplest single living cell. Even if such random processes could succeed, statistically they could not possibly do so in a mere 13 billion years. That much is clear today.

Yes, we have acquired the ability to ask more and better questions, but our science has not found answers to the oldest and hardest questions. Why is there something rather than nothing? How did the universe begin? Could it possibly begin from nothing absent a creator? What is the nature of that creator - God? How did first life begin? Where did the tremendous amount of specified information necessary for even a single living cell come from? One would hope that the lack of these answers alone might instill a bit of humility in those with their hands on the pulleys and levers of power, who arrogantly and erroneously, cite “science” in making what are really value and moral judgments. Alas, their discovery of wisdom or humility seems unlikely. The fault is not in their stars, said the bard long ago. It is still in themselves. I hope it turns out well despite our present trajectories and I hope, somehow, whatever comes to pass, it may yet be within my ken.


Let me respectfully suggest that such worry is emotionally unavoidable – but practically unnecessary. It is totally certain that our immediate descendants will face very difficult times. If Our Betters’ rush for provoking nuclear Armagedón with Russian and China fails, they will still create havoc through their inability to balance a checkbook. But either way the human race will survive!

An uplifting book to keep close at hand is Matt Ridley’s “The Rational Optimist”. Even after two world wars & a depression, there were more people on Planet Earth leading better lives at the end of the 20th Century than at the beginning. Things have gone downhill since Y2K … but the long-term trend line is definitely upwards.

Another book to think about is Cixin Liu’s short story collection “The Wandering Earth”. I find myself particularly thinking about the story “Devourer” in the context of the Middle East. In that tale, the smart technologically-advanced dinosaurs saw the meteor coming, and left the Earth and their bovine relatives behind to be turned into fossils. Now those smart dinosaurs have returned with their superior technology. Wouldn’t every good Leftie say – The dinosaurs were here first; therefore it is their planet, not ours?


Gee, Imagine the argument sentient bacteria, protozoa, and/or viruses could make (or have made in their behalf). For that matter, I recall learning in college zoology that the biomass of segmented worms (annelids - like earthworms) - is so huge that if all the matter making up the earth’s crust disappeared except for annelid worms, the shape of the earth’s surface would be preserved if only they remained! Some might plausibly assert it’s their planet.


As usual, CW, there’s so much here I’d like to discuss, comment on. But let me just select the part about Jews and Israel.
My BMD, ever since coming to college in Pa from Brooklyn at the tender age of 16, noticed that if people didn’t know he was Jewish, they were absolutely blown away by his accomplishments. Phil beta kappa (of course!): the youngest person to be admitted to Penn Medical School! But, if they knew he was Jewish, these things didn’t make the same impression ,or much of any impression, really.
Now, when he first arrived at college, he didn’t know all this. He rushed the most prestigious Jewish fraternity, only to be told “we dont take Brooklyn Jews”. This experience shaped his entire life; he still talks about it. (And he still talks bout the fact that his high school told him, a straight A student, that he couldn’t apply to Princeton.) At Penn undergrad, He was dormmates with the scion of a wealthy Protestant family (from “the purple of commerce” as Wilde put it) who said, forget about ‘em! You look like you could be a member of my family, I’ll put you on the lists for invitations I receive.
He stopped telling people he was Jewish. Vive la difference!
But, by, oh, say 1990, he was sick of dissembling. And he felt safe. You can’t imagine how happy I was, knowing the pain he had been through, when he began openly embracing his ethnicity (it wasn’t a religious thing.) When our daughter was a child, we introduced her to both traditions.

And now?
To be in our bedroom watching TV when those poisonous anti-Semitic demonstrations were shown night and day, to her our own elected officials, who very quickly put Oct 7 behind them, bleating about how we have to “understand” the Palestinians (oh I think I DO, thanks) ?
I wish he had never decided to embrace being Jewish. I wish our daughter had never been encouraged to embrace it. I m afraid for them. AFRAID! Here, in our America!
I threw my self on top of him as we watched some particularly virulent mob, and said, “I’ll hide you, my Jew! It’s a Christian’s duty, in the End Times!” He laughed, a little, and I reckon I did too, but what I wanted to do is cry.
My heart breaks for him. And what can I say? I can’t deny the evidence of our eyes.
And I wonder if your conversion to Theism, CW, has anything to do with the fact that all the Biblical prophecies are coming TRUE? Raised on the OT stories, I can’t help asking myself what possible reason there could be for the entire world focusing on this teeny parcel, smaller than New Jersey and less populous—if the Jews did NOT have some special, pre-ordained place in history?
Or is it just that Christianity has kept all this alive? My BMD has been reading a lot of history lately nd he hd an epiphany: nobody would even care about the Jews one way or another, any more than about, say, the Yaziddi—if Christianity hadn’t taken over the world.
In any event, God bless you and keep you. I was grateful for your writing on Ratburger, (and I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to whomever is keeping THIS site up nd running. )


On a technical note Discord is a very good and user friendly platform for forum etc.

Also admin friendly

I tried to invest in Discord in 2015 but the founders told me they were uninterested unless I had a million dollars plus


There are reasons to think that death isn’t the end, here is mine. Hope it helps a bit.

A First Approximation to Mindspace


Here is most of a letter I wrote to a friend [T. Dorsey Williamson] who had moved from being a pillar of the counterculture to espousing ultra-traditional Christian / Calvinist theology and young-Earth Creationism:

Imagine Indra’s net, filling all space and time with a web whose intersections are jewels, each reflecting all of the others. The jewels may also be seen through other schemata – Leibnizian monads, vertexes in Feynman diagrams, atomic perceptions/ perceivers of varied potentialities and probabilities. What seem from the physical point of view as particles (interactions) are seen from another point of view as perceptions whose collective patterns are thoughts. God is immanent in the totality of the net, these atomic perceptions are collectively a basis (in the mathematical sense) for the power set of all their possible permutations. This power set can be viewed in turn as the total mindspace, which has all possible perceptions and thoughts implicit in it. Parts of it are human thoughts (all the possible human thoughts), thoughts of particular groups, individuals, etc. Most of it is outside the region of human thought. Most of it is far less than God, the totality of the mindspace (plus parts of which we cannot speak) – yet also far more than human. A given jewel/interaction may be parts of beings at all levels: God, gods, angels, humans, animals, plants and cells. Because mindspace is not like physical space, these entities which are categorizations of sets and power sets of jewels may overlap like Venn diagrams.

Viewing the net as Feynman diagrams expressing physical reality, in particular thermodynamics/information theory (which are the same thing), a direction of time emerges from the tendency of information (entropy) to accumulate in the form of heat (2nd law). Viewed as a process in time the net expands from a low entropy state to fill more and more of the implicit unfilled space of possibilities. It never contracts again, it can only expand. It seems in physics that information cannot be destroyed, only scrambled, turned into heat and diffused across the universe, but any event which has had even a microscopic effect is on the permanent record of the universe. This heat/information diffusion is mathematically the same as Schrodinger’s equation, but with ordinary time replaced by imaginary time. (turning t into it is called Wick rotation). The equivalence works both ways. By rotating our view of the imaginary time of the universe considered as heat diffusion into the ordinary time of the wave equation, the scrambled record of the universe, including all the people who have ever lived, is translated back into ordinary time. This is the basis for the reality of the afterlife. The permanence of information in the heat diffusion/ imaginary time view is eternity.

Morality does not enter on a particle level but in the aggregates. Morality, ethics, emotions, thoughts and so forth exist in the mindspace schema, not the physical schema, in the same way that my words exist in the application layer of the OSI model; on the physical layer there are only patterns of charges and spins suitable for interpretation by the higher layers. The difference is that in the physical view of the net, interactions/particles are not only atomic perceptions but equally atomic acts of will. The universe is alive down to the lowest level, not only alive but perceptive and willful. From these more complicated and subtle patterns are composed which are the thoughts and wills of more complicated and subtle beings. Their perceptions and intentions are of varying likeness to other, more general regions of human mindspace which we label imperfectly as “good”, “evil”, etc. These regions of mindspace itself are not changed by our labels on our maps of it, they exist objectively, yet our perceptions of them are necessarily subjective. Our perceptions of them are not the things themselves, though the “things” are ultimately made of atomic perceptions. Other levels of being have their own accordingly larger or smaller regions of mindspace that they perceive as good or evil. There are other categories beyond the basic two, and higher beings are more able to discern them as well.

God, I suspect, finds these limited regions of mindspace that humans regard as good and evil as being not particularly more interesting than the rest of Himself, and scarcely a drop in the bucket of his All. On the other hand, God the absolute can have no experience in the way we do; being All, with nothing outside himself, there can be no separation of subject and object. To have such experiences, he must limit his point of view, and to that extent he becomes less than absolute. The full range of experiences demands all possible types of splits between self/selves and other(s). Thus all our and others’ views of the net and each other are a consequence of God’s need to limit himself so that he can be not only everything but each thing. No matter what we do or don’t do as our limited selves, for God nothing is undone, all is complete.


I have to say, I was a bit proud of this one:



Summary of article by Elie Honig

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