Infant potty training

Interesting concept: pushing pack against “big Nappy” by potty training infants.


The post has you train infants for “peeing or pooping on demand.”

What happens when they reach teen years and dad pulls the commands out of retirement?

If you have multiple kids do they need distinct commands?


In the meantime, in China:

As soon as the baby is strong enough to hold his head up and upper body rigid, which could be just a few months old, he is ready to be potty-trained. Take him to the bathroom and whistle a mono-toned whistle, raising the pitch slightly at the end. If the baby goes, reward him with praises, hugs and kisses.

To encourage bowel-movements, make a two-syllable straining sound like “uh-uh”, with emphasis on the second “uh”. Also reward with lots of positive reinforcement if the baby does poop into the toilet.

Even if the baby does not go, do not pressure or scold him. If nothing happens after a few moments of sitting and whistling (not more than a minute or two), simply end the training and try again later.