Inside Glimpses into Russia and the SMO from Dmitry Orlov

For years, I have read Dmitry Orlov’s blog. Much of his original blogging was written while he lived in the US (on a sailboat moored in a harbor). He was born in Russia, came to the US as a resident (not that kind!) around age 12, finished his education (computer engineering and linguistics) and worked here (high-energy physics, internet commerce, network security) for some number of years before returning to Russia, permanently. Having experienced the collapse of the Soviet Union, Dmitry became a student of societal collapse and wrote prolifically (and humorously!) on the subject, as his Amazon author’s page demonstrates.

I subscribe to his current blog, Boosty. It is behind a paywall, but is very inexpensive and worth, IMHO, considerably more than the cost. The link below is outside the paywall, so do have a look. So good are his writings that I anxiously look forward his next essay. Reading Dmitry’s essays is downright FUN! Though his topics are serious and important, he imparts to them a dry wit, which often evokes chuckles. Perhaps more importantly, Dmitry exudes a distinctly Russian worldview, to which we, as Americans, have never really been honestly exposed. I see Dmitry’s blog as a rare source of honest information about the special military operation and the admirable and decent patriotism which, in part, motivates it.

I believe many Americans who grew up here in my generation (born 1944), will recognize in post-Soviet Russia, many of the core values in which they were steeped as children. From this, from Vladimir Putin’s public speeches, and from watching a good bit of Russian movies and mini series - mostly historical fiction regarding significant individuals in Russian history - like Ekaterina, Sophia, Rasputin, Trotsky, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, etc. Interestingly, these sumptuous, entertaining productions - extraordinarily well-acted - were funded in part (shown in closing credits) by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

This latter fact is, to me, most striking. It says that TPTB in Russia believe that knowledge of one’s history (and it is portrayed warts and all), as expounded in productions which are as technically excellent as anything that comes out of Hollywood (absent the gratuitous nudity, sex, violence and F-bombs) is effective in actually defending the nation. By way of comparison, the nihilistic, chaotic, bizarre and pointless “entertainments” to which we are currently subjected, accurately portray the state of our fracturing society (which elites only “defend” with wars in order to enrich their co-conspirators in the defense industry so as to surreptitiously increase their own power and wealth).

All this is by way of recommending to you Dmitry Orlov’s written perspectives. I find them very informative, often with a Russian cynicism which is both amusing and insightful. Especially if you ache for actual knowledge of what is happening in Ukraine, I recommend you start here.

P.S. I have no problem accessing Boosty online. Neither have I much problem sending Dmitry the small payment he requests - only an extra click to let Visa know the transaction is legitimate. My sense of the significant value I receive from Dmitry is such that I have sent him additional Rubles beyond the modest amount asks for the subscription. I believe his work is worthy of support and I encourage you to join me in that happy task. Sending this support stands out as a rare instance where I feel as though I receive significant value for the expenditure. To experience such a rare event in today’s America, one must look beyond the (porous, to say the least) border.


That article by Orlov even made it on to ZeroHedge today. Thank you, CW, for the link to the original site. I will join you in subscribing.

The current situation is very painful. Probably like the rest of us, I was brought up with the firm belief that we were the “Good Guys”. What good fortune to be born into a society which had Right on its side!

As I grew older, saw more, read more, I realized that of course things were never quite as black & white as we youngsters had been told. And as time passed, things changed for the worse in our societies such that it became apparent we lived in an oligarchy, not a democratic republic; and those ruling oligarchs were tending increasingly towards simply selfish evil behavior. We can vote all we want (many times, if we vote the way our oligarchs want), but we are not going to change the unfortunate direction in which the Political Class is driving us.

With that as background, it is refreshing to see someone like Orly tell it like it is. At least the future Chinese historians picking through the irradiated wreckage of the West will learn that we fell into the abyss with our eyes wide open:
NATO is not a defensive organization (remember, USSR has been gone for over 30 years); … Rather, NATO is a captive buyers’ club for US-made weapons.”


I do like that description Gavin captured from the piece.

There is a lot of disinformation bandied about. The media is doing all it can to obfuscate what the government is doing, both domestically and abroad. Lies, or silence, seem to abound.

The Zelensky issue is not new. Way back when, when “NATO” decided to disassemble Yugoslavia (and bomb Serbia, with whom we were not at war!), Miloshevic was our man. And then he was not. And then again he was. And ultimately we decided he was not. Meanwhile we went ahead with the dismantling of a functional state and particularly screwed the Serbs - leaving them at the mercy of a drug-running nation like Albania, and a nation or real Nazis like Croatia. Even as we speak, there are moves to squash the Serb unrest in Kosovo and Metohija. If you want a comparative example, this would be like NATO or Russia/China insisting Gettysburg and the Alamo be a “separate nation”. Neither G&A nor K&M are “independent nations”. They are, and have been for ages, wholly Serb. When the Turks did their first census after the battle at Kosovo, there were some 12,000 Serbs living there; there were only 47 Albanians!

Our government is perfidious. They have been so for a long time. Stretching back to the 1990’s is hardly far enough back. It would be wise to assume everything the government says - is a lie.


Here’s the chronography of Kosovo, as much as there might have been historical claims to it, the Serbs have moved away from there a long time ago:

Bosnia makes for a better case of population competition through superior birthrates:

Screen Shot 2023-07-18 at 3.25.26 PM


I think this is a cautionary tale of allying with (Ex)Socialist Soviets instead of with NATO.