Inside the Mind of a Locust

Virtual reality for vermin! The “infinity 2-D treadmill” holodeck is absolutely brilliant. The fact that locust vision does not have depth perception simplifies things.


I have been saying the same thing about Californians for years.


Remind me of my graduate student days in physiology. Back then, it was common to use crayfish and lobsters as experimental subjects. This was not only due to their extremely large axons. Unspoken was the fact that the grad students got to literally digest the results after the animals were “sacrificed”.

I suppose the same principles apply to locusts - prepared as locust à la Schwab.

BTW, a current joke back then (when humor was still permitted): “What is the last thing which goes through the mind of a locust when it encounters your car windshield at 100 mph”?

Answer: “It’s hind legs, of course”.