Interview with “UFO Patent” Inventor Salvatore Pais

Salvatore Pais raised a lot of eyebrows when he filed a series of patents on behalf of his then-employer, the U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center, which described technologies well beyond the state of the art, involving speculative concepts in physics, with some verging upon capabilities attributed to UFOs.

U.S. patent 10,144,532, “Craft using an inertial mass reduction device”, granted 2018-12-04, states:

It is possible to envision a hybrid aerospace / undersea craft (HAUC), which due to the physical mechanisms enabled can function as a submersible craft capable of extreme underwater speeds (lack of water-skin friction) and enhanced stealth capabilities (non-linear scattering of RF and sonar signals). This hybrid craft would move with great ease through the air / space / water mediums, by being enclosed in a vacuum plasma bubble / sheath, due to the coupled effects of EM field-induced air / water particles repulsion and vacuum energy polarization.

Or, in other words, a flying submarine which can go into space.

Dr Pais maintained a low profile after the filing of these patents, but has now, in a new job, sat down for a two hour interview with Curt Jaimungal on the Theories of Everything YouTube channel for an in-depth discussion of the patents, his work, and the theories that underlie it.

In this interview, Dr Pais comes across as sincere, well-acquainted with the theories that underlie his work, familiar with other researchers and their work in the field of innovative propulsion concepts, and open to experimental tests of the phenomena he describes. The challenges posed by “gatekeepers” in the scientific community are discussed, along with the merits of the alternative route of publication through patent applications.