Investigating the Apple M1 Pro and Max Chips in Detail

Here is the full AnandTech article, without clicky-breaks between sections, “Apple's M1 Pro, M1 Max SoCs Investigated”.

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Impressive tech. Not that I have any plans to buy any Apple product…

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I wish I hadn’t become captive to Apple either - especially given their plans to start scanning “for child porn” and informing the ever-benevolent state. Once they start scanning for anything - Katy bar the door. They will scan for everything, including political incorrectness and, somehow, mysteriously, those users will become victims of hacks, ransomware, or simply disappearance of all their data (this has already happened to users critical of Google, like Dr. Robert Epstein and Dr. Jordan Peterson, all of whose materials stored on Google disappeared without recourse). Short of losing most everything, including usernames/passwords for all my many accounts in Keychain (not transferrable anywhere), as the old rock’n roll song says “Break-in’ Up is Hard To Do”. Apple (like Google) is firmly in the grip of the ‘by any means necessary’ Marxist ideology. It is, of course, a challenge to find any business enterprise which isn’t. I wish I had the knowledge to build my own computer, use a Linux OS and open source software. If I knew how to do that, maybe I would also figure out a way to use it seamlessly with my phone with my own cloud server, as I can now do under Apple’s kind and contingent auspices. They were very clever in putting this all together in order to hold us ho$tage.