Is It Really Unthinkable?

The Attack by Kurt Schleichter, that is. Do you think it’s possible that ten thousand or so of the usual suspects, could enter the the country as small isolated cells - via the southern non-border, with zero hierarchical command structure - and wreak mass murder and havoc.

As I am with my wife, admitted to the hospital for the second time in 6 days since her first chemo (uneventful for the first 48 hours - before repeated fever, chills, headache and prostration) treatment. This has been our own small private nightmare. The one described in this book scales up to be exponentially worse. This story is entirely plausible on most every count: open border - porous to both people and weapons; medieval religious hatred so foreign to us we cannot imagine it; non-trivial support for political violence among elements of our own population; soft targets galore; soft “liberal” attitudes, including unshakable belief of entitlement to peace, quiet and unending goodies.

If you decide to read this, be sure you’re not depressed at the outset. Have ethanolic remedies on hand. Sorry for brevity.


Here’s hoping that your wife responds better to the treatment this time. She and you are in our thoughts.

In today’s fallen world, of course it is possible. However, if such terrorist groups want to claim credit for collapsing the formerly United States, they had better get a move on. My bet remains that Our Betters will collapse our system first with their insane money-printing.

The question of Cui Bono? from Our Betters’ open borders and unconstrained money printing remains open.


Unqualified YES.


Y’know, I’m pretty good with a shotgun, thanks to our clay pigeon shooting hobby. And my BMD sez if you’re shot with a shotgun, there’s no patching you up, just too many holes.
I’ll take out as many invaders s I can. I just wish I could see every one of ‘em slowly exsanguinate.


As a small attempt to escape our own personal nightmare, I was considering the story and some of its consequences. One of them was severe gasoline, diesel and consequent food shortage, as the food distribution system was thus crippled - intentionally through destruction of refineries - which isn’t at all hard to do!! This, in turn, reminded me how the strategic petroleum reserve has been repeatedly depleted to temporarily lower gasoline prices for political reasons! And, of course, not building any additional refining capacity since… forever. If/when something like this happens, maybe, just maybe, some will see such actions as the treason they actually are. They say, 9/11 happened because we lacked the imagination to foresee it. Foreseeing this horror scenario requires even less.


Yuh. For humans, heat good, cold bad. I cross-country skied 3.5 miles today, and did not work up a sweat, despite long underwear, a polartec shirt and my BMD’s old Army jacket. THAT’S how cold it was! I :heart: winter in the temperate zone, but, um, we naked apes really need our cultural accomplishments , y’know, like heated dwellings—to survive it.


Thinking some more about this – there is no doubt that those infiltrators could wreak mass murder and havoc. But then what would happen after that?

NATO bombed Libya for no apparent reason, causing death & havoc. Libya fractured into its two main historical provinces, but the Libyans are still there. NATO also bombed Serbia for months on some pretense, with the deliberate aim of bombing the Serbian people back to the Stone Age. Yet despite attacks on civilian infrastructure – power & water & bridges – Serbia survives. The Kiev regime with NATO support has been carrying out full scale military assaults on the Donbas for about a decade, and yet people in the Donbas carry on.

The evidence suggests that murder & havoc – nasty as those may be – do not necessarily lead to societal collapse.

On the other hand, the US is in a historically unprecedented risky situation, with a Third World dependency on manufactured imports but without a Third World largely self-feeding peasantry.

Looks like I will have to add Schleichter’s “The Attack” to my growing stack of books to read. So many books, so little time!


Libyans and Serbians strike me as far more resilient than contemporary Americans or other residents of the GAE. The bug men of the GAE would fold like a cheap lawn chair at the first sign of serious trouble.


I definitely agree, sad to say.

But thank you for the addition to my vocabulary of ‘bug men’.