Jabba the Central Banker on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC—“Slave Money”)

Here is Jabba the Central Banker on the promise of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC—“Slave Money”):

Agustín Carstens is General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and was previously governor of the Bank of Mexico, which issues that country’s prestigious currency. Of course, he is a member of the World Economic Forum.

The passage quoted is from a panel discussion on 2020-10-19 by the International Monetary fund, “Cross-Border Payments—A Vision for the Future”. The video cannot be embedded here, but may be viewed at the link; the quoted text appears at the 24:00 mark.

Carstens has written a great deal about CBDCs in recent years:

In March, 2023, the BIS issued a report on “Project Icebreaker: Breaking new paths in cross-border retail CBDC payments” [PDF], in collaboration with the central banks of Israel, Norway, and Sweden.

Many central banks are exploring retail central bank digital currencies (rCBDCs). Some of these projects are at the proof-of-concept (PoC) stage, while others are in pilot trials and a handful have reached more mature phases. The requirements for interlinking these (domestic) rCBDC systems to support cross-border payments should be considered at the outset so that cross-border payments can be enabled when appropriate.

Project Icebreaker explores a specific way to interlink rCBDC systems (the hub-and-spoke solution) with several additional features that would allow the Icebreaker model to be readily scaled up. In addition, these features would promote simplicity and interoperability, reduce settlement risk, and foster competition and transparency for cross-border rCBDC payments.

This, of course, has nothing to do with conspiracy theories about “one world slave money” circulating among prickly enemies of globalisation. Here is a BIS promotional video for Project Icebreaker.

What’s going on in the “land of the free”, you ask? Well, have you heard about Executive Order 14067, issued on 2022-03-09 by “president” Joe Biden, “Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets”? Here are a few excerpts:

The United States derives significant economic and national security benefits from the central role that the United States dollar and United States financial institutions and markets play in the global financial system. Continued United States leadership in the global financial system will sustain United States financial power and promote United States economic interests.

Sovereign money is at the core of a well-functioning financial system, macroeconomic stabilization policies, and economic growth. My Administration places the highest urgency on research and development efforts into the potential design and deployment options of a United States CBDC. These efforts should include assessments of possible benefits and risks for consumers, investors, and businesses; financial stability and systemic risk; payment systems; national security; the ability to exercise human rights; financial inclusion and equity; and the actions required to launch a United States CBDC if doing so is deemed to be in the national interest.

A United States CBDC may have the potential to support efficient and low-cost transactions, particularly for cross-border funds transfers and payments, and to foster greater access to the financial system, with fewer of the risks posed by private sector-administered digital assets. A United States CBDC that is interoperable with CBDCs issued by other monetary authorities could facilitate faster and lower-cost cross-border payments and potentially boost economic growth, support the continued centrality of the United States within the international financial system, and help to protect the unique role that the dollar plays in global finance. There are also, however, potential risks and downsides to consider. We should prioritize timely assessments of potential benefits and risks under various designs to ensure that the United States remains a leader in the international financial system.

Just in case you’ve been wondering why the US$ has recently dropped to 0.000033 Bitcoin per dollar… (quote as of 2023-04-16 at 14:45 UTC): “Sovereign money is at the core of a well-functioning financial system”. After I stopped laughing, I grudgingly acknowledged that sovereign money is at the core of the current financial system, but which only the clinically delusional would qualify as “well-functioning”.



Puzzled. Don’t we already effectively have Digital Currencies?

Most of us are paid by direct deposit into our bank accounts, not by cash. We usually pay for what we need with our credit or debit card, rather than cash. Or we have things like standing orders which take the appropriate money directly from our bank accounts and transmit it to the utility company’s bank account, without any further involvement by us. The “dollar” “tokens” are transmitted through the credit card system and the banking system to settle up between buyer & seller. If we want to transfer money internationally, there are multiple competing on-line transaction systems which handle those transfers reliably & efficiently – all without seeing any cash.

In reality, FedGov already has access to all those transactions over “privately-owned” payment systems. Does anyone doubt that if Biden’s handlers want to know whether we bought an inflatable sex doll, they already have the capacity to interrogate the appropriate transaction databases and find out which model we chose and what it cost?

So it seems what this is really about is replacing privately-owned somewhat-competitive systems with yet another FedGov monopoly, run by ultra-efficient & thoroughly diverse bureaucrats. Let’s all trust that Cream of the Crop to make something cheaper, better, faster! Just ask the Brits about the successes of their government-monopoly National Health Service.


Having been raised on the mythology of the Scofield Bible’s (largely Scotch-Irish evangelical) JudeoChristian Zionist narrative of “The End Times”, I was able to, in 1982, not only predict:

There is a tremendous danger that careless promotion of deregulation will be dogmatically (or purposefully) extended to the point that there may form an unregulated monopoly over the information replicated across the nation-wide videotex network, now underdevelopment. If this happens, the prophecies of a despotic, “cashless-society” are quite likely to become a reality. My opinion is that this nightmare will eventually be realized but not before the American pioneers have had a chance to reach each other and organize. I base this hope on the fact that the first people to participate in the videotex network will represent some of the most pioneering of Americans, since videotex is a new “territory”.

but also predict a turn of the millennium Reichstag incident to mobilize the largely Scotch Irish backbone of the US military in a false flag.

The impending “Mark of the Beast” is more kabuki theatrics to mop up the remnant of what I shall circumspectly call “My People” in some sort of reaction against such disgusting personages as
Agustín Carstens. I mean look at that photograph. Is that for real or is it kabuki theater?

Note, I am far from saying that the threat of “Jabba The Beast” via “slave money” isn’t real – just as the threat of “Islamic Extremists” was and remains real. As Gavin points out, it is more a reality than mere threat already. But be very suspicious of any “savior” that comes along in this environment.

My own approach to this involves looking at the behavior of rural evangelical preachers and asking a very simple question:

Why aren’t they organizing local currencies along the lines of what I’ve been calling militia.money since any manifestation of a top-down slave money from “The Beast” will necessarily induce all levels of government clear down to the local sheriff’s office under the command, ultimately, of some executive authority operating under the astroturfed moral zeitgeist of the ubiquitous audio-video surveillance state? What are they waiting for? “Jesus”?

PS: Although it may be just “one of those things” that happens at investment banking coke blizzards, an acquaintance of mine with sympathies justifiably characterized as “extreme” right wing, was approached by an up and coming jr executive with Goldman Sachs – presumably fresh from a snort. Our jr executive was Jewish and sought advice on becoming a “Great Orator” in the model of Hitler. The reason? He aspired to be “The Anti-Christ”. Taken aback, my acquaintance inquired as to how such an aspiration could possibly make sense. “It’s more like a position you try out for,” said the jr. exec. What coked up Jr. Executive will try out for “Jesus”?


I’m not sure exactly what you’re saying here. Are you suggesting we should be worried about the emergence of a “saviour” or “man/woman/nobinary on a white/black/rainbow equine” who promises to save us from this threat? Is the perceived threat being ginned up or overstated by that force waiting in the wings?

In the spirit of Friar Ockham, my suspicion is that the “folks who want to put y’all back in chains” perceive themselves to be on a roll and are trying to get the job done while this window of opportunity is open. I think they were genuinely surprised when there was so little push-back to all of the stuff they rammed through after the 2001 terrorist attacks (TSA, PATRIOT Act, domestic surveillance), amazed when Snowden’s revelations of runaway abuse in invading the privacy of citizens, perplexed when there was so little reaction to a large-scale cross-border invasion and overt policy of population replacement, and astounded how easily the population, world-wide, obeyed the ever-changing and inane commands of their “betters” during the COVID panic. They know where they want to go—just look at Agenda 2030, the slick propaganda from the World Economic Forum, “absolute zero”, etc., and now they believe they can get away with it without any effective bottom-up pushback that a few Wacos or Ruby Ridges won’t put down.

And I fear they may be right.


Far be it from me to challenge the spirit of the good Friar’s Prior. That said, we aren’t inducing from the same evidence let alone weight thereon – mine involving a good deal of weight on the Pascal’s Scams arising from everlasting reward/punishment subject to the Scofield Biblical narrative of The End Times which, itself, became subject to, if not overridden by the narrative of The Holocaust.

I suppose we differ mainly in anticipating the form the sociopathy may take and when. The kind of sociopath you’re referring to are mainly self-deceptively basking in their social status as morally virtuous leaders. In many ways, these are more dangerous than the ones I’m talking about, because Davos Man is so functionally stupid precisely because their insular power allows them to wield power without losing it as rapidly as they should. They’d never understand the phrase “worse than a crime; a mistake”.

But there are some seriously sick people running around that understand quite well how to run such Scams and even believe it to be a kind of “natural” selection:

Torment the sense of masculine honor, make “honor culture” connote disgusting cultures, remove the man’s ability to support a stay-at-home mother, depopulate, replace with enormously unpopular immigration violating masculine territoriality and then let them go off to “war” to commit atrocities as a “masculine” outlet and say “thank you for your service” as they slowly fade into the self-loathing incel West on whatever drugs or “entertainment” it takes to keep them from going all OK City.

Clean the gene pool of all those inbred six-fingered banjo players.

This is the psychology of much if not most of the “elite” in both public and private sectors. They can even keep a high moral opinion of themselves as “gently” directing the evolution of humanity toward a brighter future!

Trump caused a virtual Mt. Saint Helens uncorking of the bottled up rage by simply acknowledging what had been going on in plain spoken terms – and the seismometers are still wiggling. Putin has nukes and the USD’s reserve currency status is teetering.

Meanwhile, preachers prance around on stage speaking for “GOD!!!” neutralizing their thoroughly fleeced flocks that should be preparing to be on their own when the supply chains really do break down and ensuring their young men have homesteads by the age of 18 to offer the young women, rather than sending them off to be turned into whores of mammon in higher education thence cities to pay off their mortgage-sized student loans that can’t be discharged in bankruptcy.

The tension can be exploited by something like 9/11/2001. I’m not going to say which is worse – the deliberate abuse of Christian religious feelings held by the downtrodden or the hypocritical abuse of quasi-religious feelings represent by Marxists with The State As Church. It’s just that I, personally, feel more angered by the former than the latter perhaps due to my personal history.


We all understand why the public school system doesn’t ensure that a young man turning 18 has possession of skills and of a homestead he has built with which to start a family. And we all understand why the Boy Scouts failed to take on that responsibility. And we all understand why the liberal Christian denominations would look down their nose at such rustic values.

But here’s the question:

What’s up with the genuine Christian denominations?

Shouldn’t they, at the very least, be issuing local congregational-currency with which their own congregations can lubricate barter to disintermediate The Mammon Man and The Beast?


This would surely draw Caesar into God’s renderings. Remember all those new willingto-use-deadly-force IRS agents? You know, since they organize for demoncrats, there is zero enforcement of the no political preaching rule for tax-exempt Black churches. Given the absence of equality before the law nowadays, you can bet this activity by Christians would be crushed out of the gate. Jordan Peterson has a video on "Tyranny Through Weaponized Bureaucracy which is exemplary of how any political deviation by groups or individuals will be crushed going forward.


Obviously, yes… that would be the response. However, there is a rational response: The Supreme Court which has not yet been so totally packed that it would be a poor gamble to press to that advantage, however terminal it may be.

The legal costs of justice are, of course, beyond any individual or even minor denomination. But there are Christian denominations out there with enough resources to fight this through the courts – and they would most certainly enjoy donations from any of a number of other denominations as well as genuine conservative organizations. Not to put too-fine a point on it: They would also attract members including people who had given up on organized religion.

The fact that the justice system is inaccessible to all but the well-endowed, or those whose cases are taken up by the well-endowed, does not mean the advantage should not be pressed and pressed hard while yet there remains the opportunity to do so.


Yes, this is true of larger organizations like Christian churches, though the costs can be enormous. The Peterson video shows what happens to a single individual. Each bureaucracy, of course, has unlimited resources to crush wrong-thinkers, armies of enforcers, and each agency can crush many individuals simultaneously - literally bankrupting them all or putting them out of business or out of work.

All the agencies are now emboldened, knowing the administration they serve is behind them all the way, including the dep’t. of “justice”. Even judicial intervention on behalf of an individual is unlikely to take place for months or years. The individuals are powerless and each becomes a chilling example of what can happen to anyone. Of course, that’s the general idea - to terrify any and all opposition. I don’t see any civil way out of this degree of official corruption, acting, as it does under what is called “color of law”. Now, there’s an ironic term fit for today,


Recall that the Church of Scientology took on the Internal Revenue Service head-on with a relentless campaign of lawfare, espionage, public relations, and intimidation which lasted 26 years and ended in 1993 with the IRS completely folding, granting Scientology a tax exemption. The story is told in documents at the “Scientology versus the IRS” Web site. It may seem insane to take on the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department, but I’ll bet they’re pussycats compared to the IRS.


The Linchpins of Liberty vs United States consent decree is another relevant case.

The point is that it is not obviously futile to take on even the IRS if the plaintiff can put together a big enough legal war chest to make it to SCOTUS via an appropriate district court, and have what is obviously an open and shut case.

In the case of congregational-currency, there are quite a number of Zionist Christian denominations that view a “cashless economy” is fulfillment of prophecy, and that those dependent on such electronic cash are subject to Satan. There’s no point arguing the theology of this since it has been preached ever since, at the very least, the spread of the Scofield Bible and a good many service men went to get their balls blown off in the Middle East after 9/11/2001, as I predicted they would, on the strength of that belief.

The efforts to purge such Christians from the ranks of the military notwithstanding, there is still a very strong religious strain in the United States – far stronger than any other – in this belief.

If the IRS went after such a major denomination that moved to shield its members from The Mark Of The Beast, it would almost certainly be the end of the United States of America even as a hollow state.


You see, the IRS is still smart. If they think they might lose, they settle. A consent decree is not precedent, the way a court judgment would be. That means it cannot be relied upon as precedent in future similar cases. Plaintiffs must start from scratch.