Jetson ONE—Flying through the Forest

Just make sure there aren’t any irate Ewoks in the vicinity!

The Jetson ONE, developed in Sweden, is a commercially-available one-person electrically-powered flying vehicle. It is sold as a 50% completed kit for US$ 92,000. Specifications are:

Vehicle weight 86 Kg
Flight time 20 min
Maximum speed 102 km/h
Service ceiling > 450 m
Battery Lithium-ion
Charging time 1 hour, 240 V
Flight computers Triple-redundant
Electric motors 8, can fly on 7
Controls Hands-free hover, LIDAR terrain and obstacle avoidance
Recovery Ballistic rapid deployment parachute

All delivery slots for 2022 and most for 2023 are already taken. Customers pay a US$ 22,000 deposit to reserve a delivery position.

Here is the official launch video.


Or a prancing dear across it’s path. Breaker, breaker, two mammals down.