Karl Gallagher’s “Trouble In My Day” Published


The sixth novel in Karl Gallagher’s “Fall of the Censor” series, Trouble In My Day, was released on 2023-11-29. The series is a rip-roaring space opera which includes an artificial intelligence apocalypse, a society that practices “security through obscurity” and tyrannical suppression of technology to prevent a recurrence, a fragile alliance of the tyranny and independent worlds against the AI threat, and the risk posed to a static society by its subjects even having access to their own history. All of the first four books in the series were finalists for the Prometheus Award for best libertarian science fiction novel.

Previous books in the Fall of the Censor series are:

  1. Storm Between the Stars
  2. Between Home and Ruin
  3. Seize What’s Held Dear
  4. Captain, Trader, Helmsman, Spy
  5. Swim Among the People

The Kindle editions of all of these books are free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

After the battles of Swim Among the People, the time has come to take the fight to the Censorate and begin the liberation of worlds subjected to its tyranny of ignorance. Amazon describes the plot as follows.

Cut off by an enemy offensive, Marcus Landry must take his ships behind Censorate lines, fighting to find a way home and find new support for the rebellion.

After leading the resistance against the Censorate occupation of his adopted homeworld, Marcus Landry is the natural choice to lead Corwynt’s new ships against the enemy. He’s never commanded a warship before. But his crews are as new on the job, and someone has to be in charge. He’ll take his rebels out to liberate other worlds from the Censor’s grasp and give them ancient books proscribed by the Censorate. Some were even written on Old Earth, before the Censor depopulated it.

Admiral Pinoy has been granted the ultimate gift of the Censor: command of a fleet to crush the rebels and barbarians disturbing the proper order of humanity. He will correct his past mistakes over the bodies of his enemies. First, he must teach troops used to ruling defenseless subjects how to fight an enemy who fights back.

Marcus Landry is racing the enemy to rejoin the free people. Rebels are gathering to defend their new freedom, but will they be enough to defeat the forces of the Censorate?

While you can enjoy any of the books in isolation, the series is best read from the start, as the characters discover the strange environment they inhabit and develop with the challenges they confront.