Kurt Schlichter's “Inferno” Is Now Available

Kurt Schlichter’s latest thriller, Inferno, was published on 2022-10-12. This is the seventh novel in the author’s People’s Republic series (link is to my review of the first book in the series), which chronicles the breakup of the U.S. into a “People’s Republic of North America” made up of the east and west coasts and upper midwest, with the remainder continuing to call itself the United States, but with a capital in Dallas and a new constitution embodying red state values.


The original novel was superb, both insightful as to how such a breakup might occur and also wickedly funny describing life in the People’s Republic where all constraints on wokeness have been eliminated. Subsequent books have been uneven, but all worth reading if only for the mockery of events playing out in our own careening-toward-the-brink world.

A Kindle edition is available.


Great news. Looking forward to reading it. I’ve enjoyed the series thus far and seeing NeverTrump/RINO heads explode has been a nice bonus.