Looking back on COVID authoritarianism

Are you actually arguing that excess weight is NOT a major contributing factor?

Age, weight, pre-existing conditions. That doesn’t mean there are no exceptions.

Notice something about the linked list?


I noticed that most of the athletes were older (in their 70s and 80s). Is that what you were referring to? Too bad the list didn’t indicate their vaccination status (although I suppose you can determine with fair certainty that they were not vaccinated if they died before the vaccine rollouts).


Yes. I noticed it in like 5 seconds.


Here’s a younger person from that list:


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a more recent picture after a cursory search online.


Looks to me she weighted over 3 bills in 2002. 20 years later, I would bet she was pushing 4 to 5.

The turds would hate to shoot down the obvious lie that being obese is healthy so they wouldn’t inform the population that the best thing you could do for COVID was to lose weight. Or maybe we just have a nation with a population that simply cannot be told that they have any issues. Don’t judge me man. Stupid and arrogant isn’t a good combination.


If this isn’t proof that our leaders (both Republican and Democrat) hate us, I don’t know what is. I wonder how many lives would have been saved simply by telling people to lose weight and to ensure that their vitamin D levels were up to snuff—I suspect that would have made a YUUUGE difference—but the good news is that Pfizer and Moderna made a killing, so at least there’s that.


I see what you did there! :grinning:


The table linked in the page cited labels the rightmost numerical column “Era” which I think indicates the beginning of the period those Olympians were active. If you assume athletes were at least 19 when first becoming an Olympian of their era, you could estimate their age at death.

With a conservative assumption that those are deaths in 2021 - because mRNA shots became widely available after that, you can actually estimate age at death for the 101 Olympians.

The distribution does not seem to support the assertion this invalidates the often cited fact many more young athletes in their prime dropped dead shortly after mRNA shots were offered. Average age is 65, standard deviation 15, 0 deaths below 30.

Both the 19 year old assumption and year of death assumption for this back of the envelope analysis are more or less arbitrary, but changing those one way or the other wouldn’t shift the conclusion much.


The one very premature death from Covid-19 I know about was a young man who was masking everywhere, working from home, taking great precaution – getting infected from his careless brother and dying.

The cautionary lesson here is that crude variolation is better than leaky isolation: Smallpox: Variolation

Re @Citizen_bitcoin and Violet Affleck, it’s much smarter to regulate what matters - air quality – not require purchases from a bunch of wannabe purveyors of mysterious technology:

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18 trillion?

GDP annual has been 24 to 27 trillion since 2019

18 trillion is 2/3 or 3/4 of annual GDP

18 trillion seems too high


The headline misses out an important point – it was the pandemic response, not the pandemic per se.


Summer of riots after George Floyd hysteria.

I feel terrible for anyone who lost their livelihoods because their place of business was torched and burned down. You never hear about the victims, many are immigrant small business owners from India or Korea.

BLM was exempt from any covid restriction especially for rioting, burning, looting, smash and grab, etc.


Not quite. “Olympians Who Died After Contracting the Coronavirus.” [emphasis added]

A person fond of citing logical fallacies should be familiar with the post-hoc fallacy. Died of covid is not the same as died after covid or died with covid. The Regime made great hay of blurring these distinctions. Disappointing to see it still going on.


Feedback loops matter:
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…if you can open the windows. (Nanny state + idiots who leave windows open while AC/heating are working)

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