Making Peanut Oil and Peanut Butter in Taiwan


I want that non-stick pan.

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That is an interesting process John, but that product is very expensive. Five hundred New Taiwanese Dollars for 650 ml is about $16.50! For contrast here is a “no touch” factory in India. Peanut Oil Making Factory | How It's Made Peanut Oil 😎 - YouTube


Taiwan has had a long history of agricultural protectionism. Here is an article, courtesy of Sci-Hub jailbreak, that describes the history and rationale for the policy, “Understanding Taiwan’s Agricultural Protectionism”.

This is a policy that is attractive to countries who feel themselves encircled and wish to maintain self-sufficiency, or even have a strong memory of being so in times of yore, such as Switzerland, where we pay around 40% more for dairy products and meat compared to EU countries across the border. Just as the Swiss policy supports family farms long after they have disappeared in other countries, Taiwan’s protectionism may allow artisanal food processing to remain viable due to lack of competition from imports and the market not being large enough to support large scale industrial production.

And yes, in Switzerland, “meat smuggling” is a thing, especially in regions like where I live, around 15 km from the French border. Every now and then you read in the paper about some enterprising fellow being busted with 200 kg of meat in the boot of his car. It’s perfectly legal to go shopping across the border, but there are limits on how much you can import on any given trip. Taiwan’s being an island makes it easier in their case.


I wish I had the talent to fill the jars with no drips. :grinning: