Marinchip software preserved, including emulator

In the late 70’s John Walker was operating Marinchip Systems, a company marketing S-100 computers based around the TI 9900 chip and associated software. He discussed that on these pages:

Over the past months I have as a tribute curated John’s Marinchip software into an accessible archive, including an emulator for a Marinchip-like computer system. The material can be found here:

All the executables mentioned in the manuals are there, and source code for some of the key packages – including the two operating system kernels. Missing is source code for the early tools (the line editor, assembler and linker), for the SPL and QBasic compilers, and for Interact – the precursor to AutoCAD.

If you are interested in this era of John’s work or have material in the attic relating to Marinchip Systems’ software and hardware, let me know.


Welcome, Paul! This is fantastic news!