Martin Shkreli on Pharma, Prosecution, Prison, Contempt of Congress, and Accelerationism

Martin Shkreli has been called “the most hated man in America, after the pharmaceutical company where he was CEO raised the price of an antiparasitic drug by a factor of 54. In 2015 he was arrested by the FBI after an indictment charging him with securities fraud. At trial in 2017, he was found guilty on three counts and acquitted on five. While out on bail pending sentencing, he made fun of Hillary Clinton on social media and was promptly arrested and thrown into the slammer in Brooklyn, New York.

In 2018, he was subject to forfeiture of assets to the tune of US$ 7.4 million and locked up in a federal prison until his transfer to a halfway house in 2022 and subsequent release.

On February, 2016, he showed how to behave when compelled to testify before the U.S. Congress.

Why is “the most hated man in America” one of the most authentic?

As I’ve said before, if you think you have a right of free speech in the U.S., try speaking candidly while CEO of a U.S. company.


Of course, there are some issues of which even Tucker Carlson daren’t speak.