Matt Ridley: “The Covid lab leak theory just got even stronger”

In The Spectator for 2021-11-20, Matt Ridley argues “The Covid lab leak theory just got even stronger”.

As for that missing furin cleavage site, another leaked document revealed in September by Drastic, a confederation of open-source analysts like Demaneuf, sent shock- waves through the scientific community. Dr Peter Daszak, head of the EcoHealth Alliance, spelled out plans to work with his collaborators in Wuhan and elsewhere to artificially insert novel, rare cleavage sites into novel Sars-like coronaviruses collected in the field, so as to better understand the biological function of cleavage sites. His 2018 request for $14.2 million from the Pentagon to do this was turned down amid uneasiness that it was too risky; but the very fact that he was proposing it was alarming.

Most of the funding for the Wuhan Institute of Virology comes from the Chinese not the American government, after all; so the failure to win the US grant may not have prevented the work being done. More-over, exactly such an experiment had already been done with a different kind of coronavirus by — guess who? — the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

It is almost beyond belief that Dr Daszak had not volunteered this critical information. He played a leading role in trying to dismiss the lab-leak idea as a ‘conspiracy theory’, using his membership of the WHO-China investigation to support the far-fetched theory that the virus reached Wuhan on frozen food.

And with the continuing failure to find any evidence of infected animals for sale in Chinese markets, the astonishing truth remains this: the outbreak happened in a city with the world’s largest research programme on bat-borne corona-viruses, whose scientists had gone to at least two places where these Sars-CoV-2-like viruses live, and brought them back to Wuhan — and to nowhere else.

Viral: The Search for the Origin of COVID-19 by Matt Ridley and Alina Chan is now available.


Since Wuhan/CDC/EcoHealth Alliance caused damage to the world economy, civil action against them is just. How about this starting point to settlement,

  • CCP in China allows Hong Kong to become an independent nation,
  • CDC and Ecohealth are liquidated by the U.S. Congress and CDC is replaced with Board with Leadership from the U.S. private sector (multinational corporations DO NOT QUALIFY).
  • Dr. Peter Daszak and others that are directly responsible for COVID-19 get life in prison.
  • Proceeds from CDC liquidation go to beneficiaries in the U.S. of those lost to COVID-19
  • Liquidation of CCP assets in Hong Kong go to beneficiaries worldwide to those lost to COVID-19

Why stop at Hong Kong? Assess damages worldwide and allow countries to cancel debt held by China proportional to the deaths, health care, and economic damages they have suffered due to COVID-19. This has historical precedent in war reparations, and the damages here may be greater than anything since World War II.


Since we are talking about war and reparations, is it time to entertain the hypothesis that the CovidScam was a deliberate act of economic warfare?

I keep returning to those initial social media photos & videos out of China showing well-dressed working-age males collapsed on the streets – Very, very concerning! And yet those scenes have never been repeated, neither in China nor anywhere else. Why not? Were those original scenes staged? And, if so, why?

We now know that most of the Covid deaths (unfortunate as they were) represented a relatively limited acceleration of end of life in people who were elderly and had pre-existing health problems. We also know that most of the damage to Western societies was caused not by the virus but by the politician-imposed Lock Downs. And we know that while Western economies have been suffering from those self-imposed problems, Chinese manufacturing has been powering ahead – leaving the West even more dependent on imports from China. Is there a pattern in all this?

To get reparations, first it is necessary to win the war. And one cannot win a war unless one first realizes that one is under attack.