Memory Hole—Wikipedia “Mass killings under communist regimes” Page “being considered for deletion”

The 49,500 word Wikipedia article “Mass killings under communist regimes” has been marked as “being considered for deletion” with a “deletion discussion page” which itself is, at this writing, 44,500 words long. Reasons cited for its being a candidate for deletion include “neutrality … is disputed”, and “verifiability of the claims … is disputed”.

The article on “Anti-communist mass killings” has no such pending deletion indication. Neither does the article on “Indian removal” in the United States, which is “Part of a series on Genocide of indigenous peoples”. But the page on “Crimes against humanity under communist regimes” is flagged as “article has multiple issues”. I sense a pattern here….

Save a copy of the Communist democide page before it disappears down the memory hole.


I made the mistake of sending Wikipedia money years ago, before it became quite so blatant. Occasionally, when I get an email requesting another donation, I write back to tell them exactly why I no longer contribute and quote one of their founders who quit - Jimmy Wales.